New York Bridal Fashion Week: Fall 2019 Trends

I had the pleasure of joining the Solutions Bridal for New York Bridal Fashion Week this October. It was my first bridal fashion week so it was very exciting to see the process. You can see more about what we learned on how Erica Trunk, owner of Solutions Bridal selects the dresses that will go into their Orlando bridal boutique in our upcoming issue of Orange Blossom Bride magazine. Until then, here are some of the New York Bridal Fashion Week: Fall 2019 trends that we saw this year!

The Royal Influence

Absolutely no surprise here! Every Royal bride is a trendsetter and the beautiful Duchess of Sussex was no exception. Both her ceremony dress, very classic elegance, and reception dress, modern halter, touched the bridal fashion world this year.

Royal wedding inspired wedding gown by Rivini

Left/Top: Designer: Rivini /Photo: Kathy Thomas Photography |

Variety of Hues

The trend of adding color to bridal fashion is still present this year. Blushes, blues, and even purples graced the runway. Color is always a great option for that nontraditional bride. 

Model in Blush lace applique wedding gown by Netta BenShabu

Left/Top: Designer: Netta BenShabu | Bottom/Right: Designer: Rivini  | Photo: Kathy Thomas Photography 

Crop Top

A crop top is back and it’s not just in street fashion. The bridal world is starting to see it’s return as well and is great for that fun and flirty look!

Tara LaTour crop top wedding gown with pearl details.

Designer: Tara LaTour

3D Elements

A wedding dress can truly be a work of art. Several designers that we saw were adding 3D elements to their gowns. 

Model in Suzanne Neville gown with 3d florals on it

Left/Top: Designer: Suzanne Neville | Bottom/Right: Designer: Estee Couture

Simple and Chic

Crêpe has become a very popular fabric and could be seen at almost every appointment we went to. It’s great for that bride who is looking for a simple but chic look!

Netta BenShabu crepe wedding of the shoulder wedding gown.
Elegant Suzanne Neville gown for New York Bridal Fashion Week: Fall 2019 Trends

Left/Top: Designer: Netta BenShabu /Photo: Kathy Thomas Photography | Bottom/Right: Designer: Suzanne Neville

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