The Bridal Finery’s Fashion Presentations 2020

Each summer, The Bridal Finery creates a series of fashion presentations within their Winter Park, Florida bridal shop. Each of the four fashion presentations feature different vendors, floral designs, themes, and wedding dresses. The presentations take a unique approach at wedding decor so this allows the local vendors to showcase their work in a unique way. The Bridal Finery’s Fashion Director, Jamie O’Neill creates and executes these presentations and each week is designed through her ideas and unique concepts. The Fashion Presentations are an appointment style event that allows them to showcase their latest collections while allowing attending guests to network and meet others within the Central Florida wedding industry.

Fashion and decor aren’t  just the star of the show at the Fashion Presentations. Each week, The Bridal Finery featured a signature matcha latte by Healing Butterfly and sweets and treats by Bakers Cottage Cakes. From chocolate coconut to pumpkin spice matcha teas and cookies and cakes, guests sipped and snacked on something sweet and refreshing during their presentation time. 

Let’s take a look at the four different presentations, read the inspiration behind each week, and see the designs our Central Florida vendors created! 

Week One: 90’s Inspired Candy Colored Backdrop

Week one was an introduction to our brand new location in Winter Park. The Bridal Finery recently expanded to two locations. The second location officially opened in the middle of the Coronavirus global pandemic and Orange County’s stay home order so The Bridal Finery didn’t have an official grand opening of the bridal shop. To still celebrate, this presentation was used in place of an official grand opening. Colors of blush, rose gold, and metallics that are found within the shop set the tone and inspiration for week one.

Revel Co. is known for their artistic and distinctive approach to wedding floral and decor. Katie, Owner of Revel, hired her husband to create the bubble gum pink backdrop. The backdrop installation was used in a fitting room as a backdrop for the models to stand in front of. Fun and playful floral and decor was found all throughout the store. Katie, Stacey and other REVEL team members finalized their design with floral that could be found throughout the store. Hand Painted platinum roses and lavender baby’s breath were the most talked about florals of their design. Hand Painted florals is a new trend in weddings and we were so excited to have this detail within our first presentation. 

Bridal Finery – Fashion Presentation 2020 from Captured by Elle on Vimeo.

Week One Vendors:
Images: Kristen Weaver Photography
Floral + Custom Backdrop + Matcha Bar: Revel
Beauty: Laura Reynolds Artistry
Desserts: Bakers Cottage Cakes
Matcha: Healing Butterfly
Custom Sign: Andi Meija
Invite: Eleven Note 
Video: Captured by Elle
Models: Premiere Models

Week Two: Textured Ethereal Wedding Design Inspired by Ines Di Santo

One of The Bridal Finery’s featured designers, Ines Di Santo inspired the decor and design of week two. Ines is known for her ethereal and ultra feminine approach to design through textures and unconventional fabrics for her gowns. Texture specifically was a detail that was pulled from her collections and used throughout this presentation. 

Dara, Erica, Colleen, and the In Bloom team brought the textured and ethereal vision to life with the most beautiful hanging florals, hand painted canvas backdrop, and even merchandising with cement cinder blocks. All the textures within the presentation allowed the dresses to standout and shine. The textured dresses paired perfectly with the decor while the clean dresses were a a stunning juxtaposition with the textured installation. 

Week Two Vendors:
Floral and Design: Events by In Bloom
Rental: Rentals by RW
Beauty: About Face Design Team
Sign: Andi Mejia
Dessert: Bakers Cottage Cakes
Models: Premiere Models
Photography: KT Crabb
Matcha: Healing Butterfly
Planning The Bridal Finery put on by Fashion Director, Jamie O’Neill
Invite: Eleven Note

Week Three: Bold and Colorful Backdrop 

In a world full of chaos, I felt we could use some color. For the past few years, wedding colors and designs consisted of all muted tones. Blush pinks, creams, whites, and golds. While these are staples and classic colors, we selfishly love a colorful and out of box approach to design. “When coming up with week three designs, I was inspired by the maximalist approach to interior design. Minimalism was and still is popular amongst many people, but there is something freeing about welcoming any and all colors to one pallet. Sometimes more is more.” – Jamie O’Neill 

Treasury Rentals took the mood board and brought it to life in a way that blew us away. We fell in love with the color blocking and mid century modern approach to this design with color and round edges. Bluegrass Chic created stunning arrangements with oversized succulents, garden roses, and hand painted smoke bush. This backdrop was a burst of color.

Week Three Vendors:
Photos: Casie Marie Photography
Video: Jeffrey Stoner Video
Custom Backdrop: Treasury Rentals
Floral: Bluegrass Chic
Matcha Bar: Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals
Beauty: Bella Con Stile’ Beauty
Models: Premiere Models NSB – @leahgermain @aniah_woods
Matcha: Healing Butterfly
Desserts: Bakers Cottage Cakes
Fashion: The Bridal Finery
Sign: Andi Mejia

Week Four: Summer Inspired Presentation with Tropical Palms and Orchids 

Our final presentation was an explosion of summer. Weddings, travel, concerts, fairs, and special events have either been postponed or canceled so summer 2020 doesn’t feel like a normal summer.  Assuming others feel the same way as I do, I created a tropical setting for our final week . The tropical palms and orchids were a romantic and opulent approach to a traditional floral wall backdrop. 

Floral backdrops have become a popular installation at weddings. They allow couples and their guests to take great photos in front of and they are available with so many different color and floral combinations. We would love to see an installation like a  ceremony backdrop. This installation was so large and lush that we felt as if we took a day trip to Fiji.

Jesus, Walter, and the Raining Roses team created this installation by hand placing each palm and floral together until their creation was complete. The Raining Roses team are true artisans and approach each project with a creative and innovative perspective. 

Week Four Vendors:
Floral Installation: Raining Roses
Photography: Rudy and Marta
Beauty: Bronze Glow Beauty
Models: Premiere Models NSBJulia and Isabella
Matcha: Healing Butterfly
Matcha Bar: Runway Events
Desserts: Bakers Cottage Cakes

Preferred Wedding Pros

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