COVID Wedding: Claudia and Tyler

Claudia and Tyler

As Claudia and Tyler’s original wedding date quickly approached, they realized that they had no choice but to make adjustments. With the wedding being scheduled at the beginning of Florida’s stay-at-home orders, they opted to elope and celebrate with wedding guests in 2021.

Original Date: 03/28/2020
New Wedding Date: 03/07/2021

How has coronavirus affected your wedding?

We postponed the wedding because of state law.

What adjustments have you made? How are you or did you celebrate instead?

“We ended up eloping near our original wedding date without any guests. We had already been together for 5 years and didn’t want to wait any longer. We will still have the wedding celebration in March but it will not be the same special day we planned.”

What has been the hardest part of dealing with COVID and wedding planning? 

“All the increased fees for moving it to the new year and now having to re budget and also the emotional toll.”

What advice would you give other couples in a similar situation?

“Don’t wait to postpone. I felt such a relief the minute I postponed like I didn’t have to worry about whether or not it would, I made the decision and I had control”