COVID Wedding: Heather and Kevin

Heather and Kevin

After weighting out the health treat for themselves and wedding guests, Heather and Kevin decided to postpone their wedding till the end of the year with a celebration in 2021.

Original Date: 01/23/2021
New Wedding Date: 12/11/2021

How has coronavirus affected your wedding?

“Our biggest concern and driving force for rescheduling our wedding wasn’t due to mandated restrictions but guest/our safety. My fiancé, Kevin, has an immunodeficiency and he’s at a higher risk of contracting CoVid-19. We didn’t feel comfortable taking the gamble of having our wedding celebration until there’s a vaccine readily available. The past few months have been difficult as we’ve had several close family/friends pass away from CoVid-19, so our wedding date/safety has weighed heavily on us. The last thing we would ever want would be to taint our wedding day knowing a family/friend, or my fiancé for that matter, contracted CoVid-19 from another guest. After reading a few news articles of newlywed grooms passing away from CoVid, we decided to ultimately postpone to a later date.

With this in mind, the last thing we would want to do is cancel our event all together, especially since we’ve put down deposits.”

What adjustments have you made? How are you or did you celebrate instead?

“We have decided to have a courthouse wedding with immediate family members on 12/11/20. We knew we didn’t want to wait to get married and what mattered most to us was us, not the celebration of us. On 12/11/21 we’ll be having our ceremony/reception with family and friends and basically treat it like a wedding anniversary! Hopefully, by that time, a vaccine will be available and we can hug everyone without fear looming over us!”

What has been the hardest part of dealing with COVID and wedding planning?

“The most difficult part about wedding planning has been planning (it’s hard enough as it is without a pandemic). Along with the idea we’d have to undo all that planning in case COVID was still present and a vaccine wasn’t available by the time of our original wedding date. Also, taking into account guests living in other states and countries has made planning especially harder because we don’t know what travel restrictions will be in place still. To top it all off, finding vendors and putting deposits down knowing there’s a high possibility things may change. Weddings are expensive as it is, so to weigh out reducing guest list size, social distancing measures, and wedding costs — it’s not worth the money to pay $10,000 for a venue when less than 20 people can be there.”

What advice would you give other couples in a similar situation?

“All traditions for weddings are out the door in 2020! Do what makes you feel comfortable, and if that means having a micro wedding and another ceremony and reception a year or so later… then so be it! It’s just more days to celebrate your union and not having everything celebrated traditionally in a single day won’t make your marriage any less important!”