COVID Wedding: Sarah and Chris

Sarah and Chris

With their wedding 2 weeks away, Sarah and Chris decided to postpone from the end of March to the end of May. However, with the pandemic not letting up by that time, they had decided to celebrate their spring wedding in the fall.

Original Date: 03/28/2020
New Wedding Date: 11/15/202

How has coronavirus affected your wedding?

“About two weeks out from our spring wedding, we were in the middle of final walk-throughs, last dance lessons, fittings, vendor payments, etc. when the country began to shut down. Our friends and distant family members were texting us like crazy asking what we were planning to do, if we were canceling and in many cases, letting us know they were no longer coming to our wedding. 11 days out from our original wedding date we made the decision to postpone to late May (10 weeks later) in hopes that things would be a lot better by then but knowing there was a strong possibility we’d have to move again. We knew as much as everyone else did at the time and no one could have predicted how long we’d be in this pandemic.”

What adjustments have you made? How are you or did you celebrate instead?

“We ended up postponing again to a Sunday in mid-November. Bringing some spring to our Florida fall! Thankfully the majority of our vendors have been super accommodating and have seamlessly moved to our new date with no penalty. After our first postponement, we discussed still getting married on March 28 with our parents and local bridal party, however, a stay-at-home order was issued a few days prior so ultimately we decided to wait. On March 28, we celebrated just the two of us with a lovely cake my friends sent us, popped some champagne and toasted to our original wedding date.”

What has been the hardest part of dealing with COVID and wedding planning?

“Wedding planning is already stressful enough without COVID! The hardest part has been the constant worry if you’re making the right decisions for everyone involved. Our friends and family have been really understanding as we’ve moved things around on them a few times. They know we are most concerned with their health. We want everyone to feel comfortable celebrating with us in person in November and will completely understand if some friends and family elect not to join us.”

What advice would you give other couples in a similar situation?

“Whether it’s your bachelorette party or your wedding, one of your events may need to adjust in some way but they can and will happen. Also, you worked so hard, it’s OK to mourn your original wedding plans. Try to stay positive and as patient as you can be with your vendors, friends, family, the whole new planning process you have to navigate and even your fiancé at times! Many brides like me have already fully planned their big day and only need the day to finally, actually happen. For us, we’ve taken the extra engagement time to just enjoy being engaged. We know we’ll get our happily ever after.”