Animal Kingdom Anniversary Session

After the vows are said and your grand exit is done, your in it, marriage! Each day will be a learning experience of living life as a married couple. Who better to get advice from then those that are a few steps ahead?

Disney super fans and Houston, TX natives, Lauren and Zach were married in November 2016, at the Canada Terrace in Epcot. They wanted to have their love for Disney in their wedding day and what better place to exchange vows than on Disney property. They had originally wanted to have their reception in Animal Kingdom but since the River of Light was under construction they thought bridal portraits in the park would be the next best thing. Unfortunately, they we booked and they weren’t able to do so. 

Flash forward two years, they decided to do an anniversary session at Animal Kingdom, finally getting to take advantage of the unique atmosphere of the park. We asked Lauren to give us some insight on what they have learned from their first two years of marriage.

What advice would you give newlyweds?

“Your marriage will not always be perfect, but keeping lines of communication open will help you through whatever comes your way. As Zach says, “Nothing is ever solved by not communicating.” Things get so much easier when you’re consistently up-front and open with your partner, and every obstacle turns into a team effort.”

What is one thing that surprised you about being married?

“How quickly time flies. You spend time planning your wedding, counting down the days, thinking it will never get here, and then 2 years fly by like it’s nothing.”

What is something you do to keep the romance alive?

“We never stop dating. It’s super cliche, but we spend a lot of time with each other and it’s important to us that we don’t become just roommates. If things become too stagnant, he asks me to the movies or out to dinner.”

What is something you can tell newlyweds that you wish you knew when you were first married? 

“Wait a little while before you take your honeymoon. We regret going on ours 2 days after our wedding. We were tired, cranky, and had just spent a bunch of money. I wish we didn’t rush it and could have had more focus on planning that after our wedding. We probably would have had a better time.”

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