Sweet Engagement Session at Bok Tower Gardens

So many couples have had to adjust their wedding plans due to COVID. For college sweethearts Robby and Alyssa, postponing their whole wedding till 2021. Since they are both in the military which called for a new move recently and want to have all their friends and family with them, this was the best option for them.

Instead of being upset about it, they are looking at this unexpected year wait till they say “I Do” as more time for them to get excited to officially be husband and wife. What better way to celebrate their upcoming wedding than with an engagement session at Bok Tower Gardens. The gardens has so many beautiful photo spots.

What are you most looking forward to for your wedding?

From Bride, Alyssa:
“BEING MARRIED 🙂 I absolutely cannot wait. A lot of people asked us why we postponed and didn’t just have a small reception, but for me I was more upset about the ceremony. The chapel is absolutely gorgeous and I always imagined all of my friends and family getting to watch us finally get married and it was just too hard to imagine it without those people. The reception will be tons of fun too but the ceremony is why we’re there.” 

Tell us about your wedding:

From Bride, Alyssa:
“We’re getting married at Harborside Chapel in safety harbor, and our reception venue is at the Tampa River Center. They’re both very modern and bright and I can’t wait to cover them in bright flowers since we’re having a summer wedding! I’m absolutely in love with bright pink bougainvillea because he proposed under an archway of it, so my plan is to have lots of it at the wedding.”

Participating Vendors:
Venue: Bok Tower Gardens
Photographer: Grace Jicha