Featured Vendor: Bakers Cottage Cakes

Bakers Cottage Cakes‘ owner, Michelle, takes the wedding cake vision on her couples and then creates a work of art. We asked her to give us a little insight into her wedding cake business.

blue and gold embossed wedding cake by Bakers Cottage Cakes
Photo: Nassimbeni Photography 

How long have you been baking cakes?

Bakers Cottage Cakes is in its 3rd year but I have been working on this for 7 years, by getting my degree with Valencia in Baking and Pastry Arts, working at Swan and Dolphin for my externship and Foodie Catering as their pastry chef before finally deciding to chase my own dream

What inspired you to make wedding cakes?

The two artists whom I have been obsessed with, Ron Ben Isreal and Cake Opera Co.

Do you offer any other desserts?

Yes, I’m a pastry chef, so I enjoy creating sweet treats when the occasion arises. We also offer holiday treats, Breads, pies, etc…

three garden style purple wedding cakes by Bakers Cottage Cakes

Which flavors do you offer?

A variety of flavors from your common flavors to our speciality flavors! I try to put a spin on old recipes reinventing them and making them my own. One of my biggest sellers, which started off as a total experiment and Tends to be a favorite with my Clients, is my Orange Almond Cake with Lavender Honey Caramel and Swiss Meringue Butter Cream

Do you customize cakes?

Absolutely! I prefer to create something that is unique to my client’s visions verse copying someone else’s work

Do you have any advice for brides when deciding on their wedding cake?

Work with an artist who can visualize your design and who is eager to create something especially just for you. Taste is as important as design also, so enjoy the fun part of wedding planning and set up tastings! Meet with your local vendors and see who you feel a connection with and who’s style fits your needs!

What is your favorite cake flavor?

SOOOO Many, its why I’m so chubby! lol I think my Unique version of Tiramisu is one of my yummiest!

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Meet the Vendor: Bakers Cottage Cakes