View at Diamond Head overlooking Waikiki Beach in Oahu

Honeymoon Destination: Oahu, Hawaii

Many couples are looking for a tropical vibe when it comes to their honeymoon. Although a sipping margaritas on the beach in Mexico or cruising to the Bahamas are great options, Hawaii’s third-largest Oahu offers an amazing experience for all types of honeymooners!

Where to Stay in Oahu

You will get very different atmospheres depending on where you decide to stay on the island.

Located by the airport is the capital and largest city in the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu. Due to this, there are a bunch of hotels and resorts many of which are near the famous Waikiki Beach. If you are looking to have a honeymoon in which you are in the center of everything, this would be a great option. Locations like Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor, and the Honolulu Zoo are all an Uber ride away.

Want to get away from the busyness of the city? There are other resorts on the island in locations like Kahuku on the North Shore and Kapolei, which is west of the Honolulu airport. Also, important to note is Kapolei is home to Alani, the famous Disney Resort. The perfect place to stay for a Disney lovin’ couple!

Looking for a more intimate atmosphere? there are tons of AirBnBs in Oahu that are available throughout the whole island. Many times you can find a studio or condo that is a lot more cost-effective than a resort.

Things to Do in Oahu

For Nature Lovers

The first thing that usually comes to mind when thinking about things to do on the Hawaiian Islands has to do with the beach and ocean. And for good reason! There are so many tours that involve enjoying the stunning nature of Hawaii. From snorkeling with dolphins and turtles to hiking to swim in a secluded waterfall, Hawaii is a nature lover’s paradise.

One of the things that we highly recommend doing is hiking up Diamond Head. This 300,000 year old dormant volcano just outside of Waikiki was previously used as a military lookout. Now it is under the Hawaii State Park Services and is a very popular hiking trail.

Although the trail is only .8 miles long, it scales the crater’s walls to reach an elevation of about 560 feet. We promise it’s quite the workout! Make sure to bring a good amount of water and take breaks when needed.

Your journey to the top of the crater may have you start questioning your life choices. However, the view from the top is nothing short of breathtaking! 360-degree views of areas like Waikiki Beach give you a scope of how beautiful the island really is!

View at Diamond Head overlooking Waikiki Beach in Oahu

For Surfers

We can’t talk about things to do in Hawaii without mentioning surfing. After all the Islands are known for their amazing surf locations. The size of the waves will, of course, depend on the time of year that you go. However, if you are looking to get on a board for the first time, an area like Waikiki Beach is a great place to get some lessons as the waves are good but gentle for novice surfers.

As any avid surfer knows, North Shore Oahu is the mecca for big wave surfing as it is home to Pipeline. Known for its perfect barrels, Pipeline attracts the worlds top surfers and is the location for several surfing competitions, like Billabong Pipe Master and Volcom Pipe Pro. These are held in the winter months when the winter swells come through. Although surfing this iconic location needs to be left to the professionals, we’d suggest sitting on the beach and watching the incredible power of mother nature. Truly mesmerizing!

Surfer riding a wave at Pipeline

For History Lovers

Although Hawaii is part of the United States, it has its own unique history and culture from the mainland. We’d recommend visiting the Polynesian Cultural Center or the Iolani Palace. Both locations will give you some insight to the island prior to the United States occupation.

While we are on the historical kick, we can’t go without mentioning visiting Pearl Harbor is a must! Being at this location is far more impactful than when you learned about it in your high school American History class. There are multiple things to see and experience at Pearl Harbor, so we would recommend setting aside a whole day to do so.

view from the USS Missouri overlooking the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Be a Tourist!

Oahu is the home of Dole Pineapple Plantation and we think it’s one of those tourist spot must-dos! Whether you are taking a train ride through the pineapple fields, working your way through the “world’s largest hedge maze”, or enjoying a Dole Whip with the freshest of pineapple, it’s just a deliciously good time!

pineapple field at the Dole Plantation in Oahu

There is so much to do for every type of honeymooner in Oahu! If you are looking to have a memorable trip catered to your likes, we’d highly suggest consulting with a Honeymoon Planner. They are great at creating a customized itinerary and in many cases have access to deals that you may not, giving you that perfect Bucketlist Honeymoon experience!

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