Pro-Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

Congratulations! You’re getting married! With the flood of florists, wedding coordinators, caterers, and rental companies swimming in your mind, your honeymoon may sadly end up taking the backseat on your list of priorities. Planning your first adventure together as a married couple while planning a wedding may seem close to impossible; however, it can be fun and stress free with the right tools and resources, especially if you work with a knowledgeable travel consultant. Below are some tips to help guide you on this exciting journey to find the right honeymoon for you!

Start Planning Early

Speak with your fiancé(e) about possible honeymoon destinations. A travel consultant can help you narrow down the choices based on the travel experiences you’d like to have as well as your budget. This is especially important if you’re looking for unique experiences like enjoying lunch at a local goat farm in Norway’s fjord country after a morning of biking or enjoying a private tour of Cape Town’s famous vineyards. It will also give you enough time to gather your necessary travel documents such as passports and visas.

Some couples even create a honeymoon registry to help with the expenses of going on that epic honeymoon. Companies such as HoneyFund, offer this service.

Consider the Geography

If you only have a week to spare, a destination on the other side of the globe may not be your best option. A more exotic destination is ideal if you have at least two weeks to spare. Also, keep in mind that destinations in the Southern Hemisphere will have different seasons than ones in the Northern Hemisphere.

Know Your Budget

Flights will cut into a large portion your budget depending on your destination. Use your credit card miles or points if you can. If you already have everything you need for your home, consider a honeymoon registry in place of a traditional registry. A honeymoon registry will allow your guests to gift money to you to use towards your honeymoon. Make sure you check the details of the honeymoon registry to make sure there are no hidden fees or charges.

Research Travel Dates

Look into any factors that might increase the cost of your trip such as local festivals or conventions. Also take a destination’s high and low travel seasons into consideration as this will impact the pricing of your honeymoon.

Use the Correct Name

If you are planning on going on your honeymoon soon after the wedding, then do not use your married name to book your travels. Getting a name can be a time consuming process especially if you are applying for a new passport.

After the happy chaos of wedding planning and getting married, the honeymoon is the perfect time for rejuvenation. With the many resources available to you, finding the right honeymoon and perfecting the travel details can be something to look forward to!

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