Why River Cruising is Our New Favorite Way to Travel

When you think of a river cruise, you may think that it’s a vacation for an older crowd. After talking to our honeymoon travel expert, Theresa from Get Out! Custom Travels, we learned that this is not the case. River Cruise companies have been working towards creating a more trendy cruise experience, making it a perfect idea for a honeymoon! Here are a few reasons why you should consider river cruising!

glass of wine on table with river cruising

Multiple Destinations

We can potentially blame Instagram for this, but people are racking up some pretty ambitious vacation destination bucket lists. A river cruise allows you to visit multiple destinations over the course of one vacation. The best part is that unlike an ocean cruise, a river cruise is a port-intensive trip, meaning that you spend more time in each city, allowing you to explore a bit more!

Flexible Itinerary

A river cruise does have activities planned for you, but everything is completely optional. If you would rather skip the morning to have breakfast in a quaint cafe, you are completely free to do so. The flexibility to be able to have included options, as well as free time, is the best of both worlds! We also love that your cruise staff will be able to guide you and give you recommendations for when you do want to explore a city on your own.

European village on the river as a destination on a river cruising itinerary

Local Cuisine

One of the best parts of travel is to try the local cuisine. Some may think all-inclusive means that there will be a generic menu. On a river cruise, you are eating fresh, local meals. You may even get the opportunity to try dishes that you wouldn’t have necessarily wanted to try if you went to a local restaurant.


The perfect balance of relaxation and action: A river cruise has a low population on board, allowing you to give it a more intimate, relaxed feel. You are free to sit outside and enjoy the scenery, you can spend your days out and about at your port, or you can do a mix of the two! You are free to build the vacation you want to experience on a river cruise! 

To learn more about River Cruise Destinations for your honeymoon, visit Get Out! Custom Travels at getoutcustomtravels.com

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