The Escape Game Orlando

It is no secret that Escape Games in Orlando have been becoming an increasingly popular attraction. The Escape Game Orlando invited Orange Blossom Bride to come experience one of their escape rooms. Over the summer we took some time to visit their I-Drive location, along with a group of our vendors to see what all the hype is about! 

Escape Game Orlando, a couple trying to open a door in an escape room.

What and Where is The Escape Game Orlando

An escape room is a room or collection of rooms where you use various hints and clues to try to complete a mission or find a code that will unlock your door. Most games give you one hour to escape, as well as a given number of free hints. Each room has a different number of people allowed, but usually, they range anywhere from 4-12 people. Did I mention that they are indoors? Definitely a fun activity to help beat the Florida heat! 

The Escape Game Orlando is located right in the heart of International Drive, directly beside ICON 360. Their rooms open as early as 9:00 am and run all day, with some of the rooms ending as late as 11:50 pm.

Upon entering Orlando’s location of The Escape Game the welcome room was buzzing with excited visitors waiting for their chance to break out of a room in under 60 minutes. The staff was helpful and attentive. Each visitor must sign a waiver before entering the room. Once we were all signed in we were greeted by a host that took us to our game to explain the rules, our goal, and to get us started. Having our own host was great. It allowed us to have that personal attention even though overall The Escape Game Orlando is generally a busy location. 

There’s Gold in Dem Hills!

Our room was Gold Rush, which has a difficulty level of 7/10. The story takes place during the gold rush, where “Clyde Hamilton”, a greedy gold prospector and gambler went missing. The goal was to find his stash of gold before the mob. Our purpose was to find a stash of gold. We made our way through a series of rooms using puzzles, riddles, codes, symbols, and some serious use of our observation skills! We won’t give too much away, but shooting a gun may or may not have been involved! Teamwork is key, so you and your wedding party will need to work together. It is a quick and fun bonding activity! 

Gold Rush Room in Orlando Escape Game.

We all agreed that the room was extremely well-done. The clues, puzzles, and hands-on tasks that we needed to complete in order to escape ranged from simple to pretty darn challenging. The special effects included throughout the rooms really took the experience up a notch! The group ranged from newbies to experienced Escape Room Artists and we did escape, but we did need a little bit of help along the way! 

The only thing we need to know now is which room to do next and who is coming with us! To check the schedule and book a room of your own, visit The Escape Game Orlando.

Wedding Festivities

The amazing location and flexible time slots make it the perfect place to go for a “get to know you” evening out with your bridesmaids, groomsmen, or even your entire wedding party. Also, if you would like to introduce your parents to each other before the wedding festivities begin, an escape room would be a nice icebreaker! There are plenty of shops, restaurants, and additional attractions in the area for you to visit before or after your visit! 

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