3 Tips for Creating Your Wedding Registry

There are so many fun parts to planning your wedding, from dress shopping to cake tastings. But what’s more fun than creating a wish list of the things that you’d like for your new life as a married couple! We had the pleasure of visiting Sandy in the wedding registry department at Macy’s Millenia Mall to discuss tips for starting your wedding registry.

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Why create a wedding registry?

A wedding registry gives you the opportunity to create a wish list of items that you’d like to have but may not purchase for yourself. It allows you to really come together with your future spouse to create a style that is representative of you as a couple for your home. Even if you have already established a home together, a registry gives you the opportunity to receive gifts for items that you my not have purchased yet or new items that you’d like to have.

When should you create your wedding registry?

Usually, 4-6 months before the wedding is a great time to create your wedding registry. This ensures that your registry is up to date and gives options to your guests, not only for your wedding but for your bridal shower as well. Your wedding registry can be updated at any time and most companies allow you to do so online as well as in store. Macy’s provides their couples with the opportunity to go in store to speak with registry specialists but also add to their registry online in the convenience of their home.

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What price points should I register for?

Weddings are a time when people tend to be more generous then they would be for, lets say, a birthday. You’re guests want to have a variety of options when purchasing a gift for you. It is suggested that you have items on your registry that are at low, middle, and high price points. Guests may also come together to purchase a more expensive gift for you, so having those options available make it easier for them to do so. Some registries even allow you to purchase items left on your wedding registry at a discount after the wedding. Macy’s allows couples to purchase left over items up to a year after their wedding at 20% off. This is your chance to go crazy and register for all the items that you love!

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Are you ready to create your registry? Macy’s is ready to help!

What are some perks of creating your wedding registry with Macy’s?

  • You have access to register for a large variety of items, from furniture to cookware and everything in between. Macy’s has an extensive inventory in store but you also have their online inventory to choose from as well!
  • Macy’s offers couples the option of a “Dream Fund”. This allows your guests to gift money instead of purchasing a gift. The money is then put on a Macy’s gift card which can be used after the wedding to purchase items that were not bought.
  • When your wedding date has passed, Macy’s not only keeps your registry open for a year, they offer their couples 20% off the items that have not been purchase. You can also add to your registry during this time.
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We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Sandy at Macy’s Millenia Mall and had the pleasure to meet the team that makes the wedding registry creation process an amazing experience for couples!

Make sure to stop by and chat with them!

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