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Top Things that will Affect Your Wedding Budget

One of the first things that you will do when planning your wedding is creating a wedding budget. There are a lot of things that will determine the final cost of your wedding. Here are the top five things that you may not think of that will affect your wedding budget. 

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Your Wedding Location

The location of your wedding celebration will definitely have an effect on your wedding budget. There are so many wedding venues in the Orlando area for a variety of budgets. Of course, you want to stick to a venue in your budget but you also want to consider what the venue rental includes. If you are looking at a venue that is a great price because you are only renting the space no extras, make sure to calculate how much it would cost for rentals, such as tables and chairs. These costs can add up and may put you over your budget. A venue that is at the top of your budget but includes items that you will need in their rental package, in the end, might cost the same as a venue that doesn’t include these items once they are added.

Time of Year

As with every location, there are popular times of year to get married, known as “wedding season”. In our area, the Orlando wedding season is mid-September to mid-November and mid-March to mid-May. This means that venues and vendors most likely will not have a hard time filling dates during this time. Therefore, you won’t see booking incentives like you would in an off-season, say July or August.

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Day of the Week

It’s no surprise that Saturday is the most popular day of the week to get married. Since it is a highly sought-after day, especially if you are wanting a Saturday that falls during wedding season, they book up fast. Due to this, venues and vendors will charge their normal pricing because they aren’t having trouble booking the date. If you are flexible with what day of the week you have your wedding, you could potentially save some cash, as venues and vendors are more likely to have discounted weekday wedding pricing.


You want your wedding to be fun for your guests and let’s be honest alcohol usually loosens things up. However, a fully stocked open bar can definitely put a big dent into your budget. Offering beer and wine options is a great way to cut your bar costs. Many couples even opt to have signature drinks with their beer and wine options. This gives your guests a couple more options and keeps your bar tab down.

cocktail with orange slices and fruit
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The #1 Thing That will Affect Your Wedding Budget:
Your Guest List

All of the items listed above will have an effect on your wedding budget but one of the biggest effects will be the number of guests that attend your wedding. Here are the things that are effected by the size of your guest list.

Venue: You will need to make sure that you have a venue that can accommodate all of your guests. Not only can that sometimes mean a more pricey venue but it also limits the number of venues that would be able to hold your wedding.

Catering: Of course, the more guests you have you need more food and alcohol which in turn means more cost. You can always work on more economically options with your caterer and go with the beer and wine option mentioned above.

Rentals and Décor: For every guest table that you have, you will need to add the cost of rentals (the tables, chairs, etc.) and the table décor. Depending on the route you decide to go with your table and chair styles as well as your centerpieces, this can add up quickly.

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Cake: Bake a Wish | Photo: Amarie Vela

Cake and Dessert: When you have a consultation with your Orlando wedding baker, they will ask you what your guest count is to make sure that there will be enough cake for everyone. This can mean a larger cake, which will mean more design time and in turn hiring cost.

Now don’t get us wrong, we aren’t saying to cut your list of the people you really want to be at your wedding. Rather, to just be mindful of this when you make your wedding guest list.

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