Boudoir a Gift for You

Why a Boudoir Session is the Perfect Gift for YOU!

By now, you may have heard a thing or two about boudoir sessions. Maybe you imagine it to be for the “perfect” girl with the “perfect” body. Maybe it’s only for those women who exude confidence. The women who have never had a pimple in their life, and have no stretch marks or “flaws.”

Guess what? Those women don’t exist! All of the above…that’s what society wants us to feel. Society wants to focus on the beauty and art of “perfection.” Well, that’s just not reality.

Reality is this: you are a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mom, a student, a teacher, a friend. You are so many amazing things. You have curves, or maybe you don’t. You are tall, or short. You have curly hair; you have straight hair, or some crazy in-between version like me! Whatever it is about you that makes you the amazing woman standing in front of that mirror every day, THAT is perfection. Don’t you know that??

Boudoir has become more than just something we do at Lovely in Lace. It is now something we preach. A woman needs to feel confident, sexy, bold. She needs to feel empowered and empowering towards other women. And you know what? Getting half-naked and strutting your stuff in front of the camera is the BEST way to prove to yourself that you are some kind of wonderful.

There is something amazing happening these days. It’s about women encouraging and inspiring other women. It’s about all of us being strong together, and being a team in this crazy life. Women are expected to be and do so many things. We have to be the perfect wife, the mediator in our families when all hell breaks loose, and the face of a company. We are expected to run businesses, be mothers to our children, and so much more…all while keeping that pretty smile on our faces. It’s HARD. But the amazing thing is that now we’re all starting to realize that we are in this together!

This is why we’ve fallen so head-over-heels in love with boudoir. Yes, it’s a wonderful, amazing gift for our spouse (helloooo perfect wedding, anniversary, or “just because” gift!). But even more so, it’s a gift for ourselves; the women. To have your hair and makeup done FOR you and to be able to kick back and relax for a day; how wonderful is that? To feel like the model and beauty queen that you really, truly are; that’s what we want to do for you. And hey, maybe some champagne as your liquid courage will be a little boost for you!

The point is, it is time for you to LET GO. You need to put aside all of those labels of who you should be on a daily basis, and remember that at the root of it all, you are YOU. And if you aren’t allowing yourself an opportunity to love who you are, or if you look at your idea of a “perfect woman” and compare yourself to her day in and day out, then how in the world can you be the best version of yourself? BE that woman. Be the woman who other women are encouraged to be. Not because of your body, but because of your courage, your spirit, your bravery, and hell…your willingness to literally strip down and let go!

Article Submitted by Sivan Rettew, Owner of Lovely in Lace
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