What to Expect in a Boudoir Session

Many couples exchange gifts on their wedding day and are looking for something special and personalized. What could be more special than a beautiful photo album of your boudoir session? Brides are finding that this isn’t just a gift for their future spouse but an empowering gift for themselves. If you’re thinking this would be something you’d like to do but aren’t sure what to expect in a boudoir session, Ashley of Ashley Jane Photography gives us some great insight!

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is essentially images of you in lingerie. They can be in a bedroom setting, living room, shower, beach, really anywhere. The possibilities of where you do them are endless.

Who is Boudoir For?

Boudoir is for everyone! No matter what your age or your body type, it is for you right now. A lot of women will do it for their fiance, because it’s the perfect gift. However, it’s not only for them but for you as well. As we know, our body changes with time, so a boudoir session is a great way to remember and embrace the you right now!

What Should You Wear to a Boudoir Session?

Although most boudoir shoots will be in lingerie, it really is whatever makes you feel sexy. If you feel sexy in a pair of ripped up jeans and a bralette then go for it! Or maybe you want to surprise your fiance with photos in their favorite sports team jersey. Again, whatever you feel sexiest in. If you need help selecting an outfit, your photographer can walk you through it. Don’t have anything? Ashley has a whole closet of outfits in her studio that you can use during your session.

What to Expect at Your Boudoir Session?

When you get to the studio, you’ll get your hair and makeup done. Then, finalize all your outfits. Ashley loves to have music playing for her clients and a little bit of champagne. When your session starts your photographer will help you with posing and you will have the opportunity for multiple outfits with various backgrounds. Once your session is done, you’ll break for about an hour. This gives Ashley a chance to edit your photos so that you can see them right away and order you photo package.

Learn More About Ashley Zan Vandt:
Ashley Jane Photography is a boutique boudoir and portrait studio in Sanford, Florida. Ashley Zan Vandt specializes in working with women, no matter your age or body type to feel confident and sexy in their own skin. So they can wholeheartedly embrace the fierce and courageous women they are right now! 

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