Choosing Your Wedding Day Look

It’s such a big day with so many decisions when it comes to having your Orlando wedding. Your wedding day beauty can sometimes be a daunting one. Here are a few tips to help you think through it!

Article: Brittney Boscana of Brie and Brie

Photo: Wings of Glory Photography

Consider Your Everyday Look

If you always wear your hair down, consider doing the same on your wedding day. When a bride who never wears her hair up chooses an updo for her wedding, she may feel uncomfortable because she is just not use to seeing herself this way. If this is you and you really want to wear your hair up, then leave some pieces around your face to give you the feel you are use to! This goes for makeup as well. If you are a minimalist when it comes to your everyday makeup, opting for an dramatic red-carpet makeup look, probably isn’t the best idea.

Be Realistic

When selecting your wedding day look, consider your natural skin tone, eye shape, hair, etc. Opting for a down-do, when your hair doesn’t hold a good curl probably isn’t your best option. Wedding days are LONG days. Most photos I see from the wedding party have beach tousled waves. Although these are beautiful, they won’t last. Let’s be honest, we are in Florida and the humidity is our enemy. Yes, as professionals, we have products and tricks but it can be hard to fight mother nature.

Photo: Captured by Elle

Your Dress

Does your dress have a high neckline or low back? Is it understated elegance that channels Jackie O or the Royal Wedding? 

Or maybe your dress is full of personality, bling and over the top?

Your hair and makeup can enhance your style of wedding gown. If you are going for a more elegant style, a natural look may complement your gown better. If you choose a detailed gown, consider a more dramatic look for your hair and makeup. 

Whatever look you choose, stay true to your own beauty. Make it about you!


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