Family Heirlooms on the Wedding Day

Weddings are special events and often the perfect occasion to bring out those meaningful family keepsakes. Many couples have chosen to include their loved ones jewelry and other special pieces into their wedding day, which makes for the perfect “something borrowed.” Orlando wedding photographer, Bumby Grimm of Bumby Photography, shares some of her favorites and the sweet story behind each.

Old Traditions

Bride, Jessica’s bouquet was wrapped in lace from her mother’s veil. Her heirloom jewelry was passed down from her mother’s wedding and what her mom wore was passed down from her grandmother’s wedding. The beautiful thing is that Jessica’s daughter will get her jewelry on her wedding day. Jessica will wear what her mother wore to hers and the tradition lives on.

New Traditions

Bride, Nicole’s mother started the tradition of passing down a handkerchief. She had her initials and Nicole’s initials embroidered on a handkerchief. If Nicole and Sam have a daughter, the handkerchief will then have her initials placed on it, continuing the family tradition.

Special Surprise

Right before their wedding, groom Michael’s stepdad gave bride, Sarah, a gift from Michael’s late mother. She had sorted through her jewelry before she passed away and wanted Sarah to have the necklace Michael’s stepdad gave her on their wedding day. Even though she had no idea she would be wearing it on her wedding day, the necklace matched Sarah’s entire look perfectly.

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