Hair and Skin Prep for Your Wedding Day

On wedding day, every person attending makes the effort to look their best, but no one more so than the bride! As a bride, you will invest in a trial run with a professional hairstylist and makeup artist to help realize your dream look for your Orlando wedding. Once the trial and consultation are done, consider what you can do to make sure that you are totally prepared to go into your wedding day hair and makeup appointment to help your selected artist be most successful!

Article by Tatiana Rivera of Gabriella Anthoney’s Design Artistry

Photo: Ashley Jane Photography

Get a Trim Before the Wedding

Keep up with the hair care and maintenance routine that you have become accustomed to. I talk with a lot of brides who are trying to grow out their hair so they can wear the half up half down hairstyle they’ve always dreamed of. That’s totally fine, but as you do that, be sure to maintain regular trims. Your hair with look healthy and beautiful on your wedding day if you’re cutting off those dead ends! 

With that said, try to schedule your last hair appointment about a month to six weeks before your wedding. There’s a saying that the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is six weeks. Our hair on average grows one half to a full inch monthly. So just in case your stylist is feeling a little scissor happy, you can get a little more growing time before the big day. Also, talk with your stylist about deep conditioning treatments, which will help you have shiny, smooth hair.

Stay Hydrated

When it comes to makeup applications, really talk to your makeup artist. Ask questions about the texture of your skin and how they would like for you to prepare your skin. Follow a consistent skincare routine. If you don’t have one then start! The success of your makeup application will depend largely on your skin’s health and condition. If you don’t know what to use or what products would be best for your skin, see an esthetician and follow his or her recommendations. Makeup can cover skin discolorations. However, it cannot change your skin’s texture, that can only occur through skincare and proper hydration.

I totally understand that for a lot of brides going to a skincare professional can seem like one more cost to add to the pile, but taking proper care of your skin reaches even beyond the wedding day. Our skin is an organ, and it’s one that takes a beating from the environment and the abuse that we put it through daily. If you don’t find it feasible to go to a skincare professional, look at some of your local beauty schools. Skincare is a large part of both the esthetician and cosmetology curriculum, so any school that offers those programs will likely have a facial service at a discounted rate.

bride wearing red lipstick holding her earring and smiling

Keep It Healthy

I also like to remind my brides about how much our general health affects our overall appearance. Likely if there’s something going on internally we can see signs of it in the way our hair, skin, and nails appear. Stay hydrated and try to eat nutrient rich foods! Here’s a tip, the night before the wedding try drinking freshly juiced carrots! The vitamin K gives the skin a natural glow. 

No matter what your desired hair and makeup goals, you will always look radiant with light in your eyes, and a smile on your lips.

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