What to Consider When Having a Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings have always been an option. However, 2020 made this type of wedding more popular than ever. Whether couples are deciding to have a smaller celebration now and a bigger celebration in the future or scaling down their wedding entirely, backyard weddings are going to be something that continues strong into 2021.

If you are considering this option, there are several things that you need to know to make sure that your entire wedding day runs smoothly. With us, on this episode of the podcast, we have Darrin Shifrel of Orlando Wedding and Party Rentals.

What to Consider

Even if you’ve had larger get togethers in your backyard, chances are you probably didn’t have as many guests as you will for your wedding. Along with that, a wedding will have a lot more moving parts then a birthday party or backyard bbq. The following are questions that you need to answer before going the backyard wedding route.

Is there enough parking for guests? Will my Home Owners Association (HOA) allow me to host my wedding at my house?

Many couples live in subdivision that have very limited parking options. If you are looking to host your wedding, you will most likely have a good amount of cars from the guests that are attending. If you subdivision has a clubhouse, you may be able to have guests park there by hire a valet service to assist. However, this would most likely need to be approved by your HOA or clubhouse.

Along with HOA approval for parking, you will most likely need to get approval from your HOA to hold the wedding in the first place. Every HOA is different, so this should be the first thing that you do. If you go the “Ask for Forgiveness” instead of the “Ask for Permission” route, you could risk getting fined or worse have to end your wedding while it is going on.

Do you have enough restrooms?

If you are hosting a 100 person restroom, your guest bathroom will most likely not be enough. You can definitely rent nice luxury style restrooms but make sure that you have a location that you can place them.

Are there any sound ordinances?

Some cities have strict noise ordinates. You don’t want to be right in the middle of your reception having a good time and the police show up at your door because you are disturbing the neighbors. Check is your city has a noise ordinance. If it does but you’d still like to have a backyard wedding, end your reception to be in accordance with the law or maybe consider having a brunch wedding.

Do you have enough power?

You will need power for various things on your wedding day, such as lighting and DJ. Find out the amount of power that you will need prior and if your home and accommodate this. This is something that you do not want to wait until the wedding day for. Nothing kills a party quicker than a blown fuse.

Do you have a backup plan?

Our guess is that your backyard is not fully covered. This means that there is a good chance that rain could affect your wedding day. Florida weather can be all over the place. Play it safe and reserve a tent, just in case. You also may want to consider reserving heaters if you are having a wedding in the cooler months.

Preparing for Your Wedding

If after answering these questions, you’ve decided that a backyard wedding is right for you, they are some prep tasks that you will need to do prior to the day of the event.

Clean Up Your Event Space

If you were renting a venue, they would make sure that their grounds were perfect for your event. You need to do the same for your backyard. Trim any landscape and cut your lawn prior to the wedding day, preferably a day or two before. Also, if you have any pets make sure that there isn’t any mess in the yard from them. You don’t want any of your wedding guests to step in any surprises.

Give Your Neighbors a Heads Up

Let your neighbors know that you will be hosting your wedding. They will appreciate the consideration and will more likely be more understand us the noise.

Hire a Wedding Planner or Wedding Coordinator

As we mentioned, weddings are different from any other event that you’ve most likely hosted in your backyard. There are still a lot of logistics that go into it and you don’t want the stress before or on your wedding day. We are big advocates of hiring a wedding planner, regardless of where you decide to host your wedding.

Preferred Wedding Pros

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