Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Wedding Coordinator

There’s so much that goes into planning a wedding and you want to make sure that everything goes off without a hitch. But you also want to enjoy your day. In this episode, we’re going to be talking with Bonnie and Brian of P S. I Love You Productions about why it makes sense to hire a wedding coordinator.

What is a Wedding Coordinator?

The wedding coordinator is a little bit different than a planner. They are the person who is going to step back and let the client kind of take the role of their own planning. This means that the couple will find their own vendors and figuring out their own budgets. From there, the wedding coordinator is able to assist you with making selections and organizing them. Come the day, they are making sure all those plans are played out exactly how you had planned.

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What Do You Gain By Hiring a Wedding Coordinator?

Statistically, on about 24% of couples hire a wedding coordinator/planner. Many couples think that because they have a venue coordinator they don’t need a wedding coordinator. However, the truth is that there is a big difference between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator. The wedding coordinator is the one that will be setting the decor and making sure that you are running on schedule. They will also be your go to person the day of the wedding so that you and your friends and family can enjoy the wedding day.

Help You Save on Your Wedding Budget

Many times we here that couples don’t have it in their budget to hire a wedding coordinator. However, what might not be realized is that a wedding coordinator can actually help you save money, which in turn makes room to book their services. By this we mean, a wedding coordinator will help you look through all of your vendors’ contracts line by line. This way they can make sure you aren’t getting services you don’t need. They can also find duplicates, such as maybe there is something that the venue is going do that you’ve also got included in the catering that you don’t need. With a wedding coordinator costing, on average, 5% to 10% of a wedding budget, these savings can easily pay for their services.

The earlier you hire a coordinator, the better. If you wait till a couple of months out, your contracts may have already been finalized. Also, it could cost more due to the time crunch to prepare before a wedding if you wait too close to your date.

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Allows You to Enjoy Your Day

Probably one of the best parts of hiring a wedding coordinator is that they actually allow you to enjoy your wedding day! When things go wrong on a wedding day, the couple is usually the first person someone would contact. This means that you’ll be spending the day answering questions and/or fixing problems isn’t of enjoying the wonderful wedding that you spent months maybe years planning. Having that go-to person, aka your wedding coordinator ensures that any issues or questions are taken care of and you can enjoy your day!

About P.S. I Love You Productions
P.S. I Love You Productions is owned by Bonny and Brian Finck, a husband and wife team. Bonny has been working in the wedding industry for over 15 years, with more than 300 weddings coordinated under her belt. She has also worked at Disney and Universal in various roles, helping set the stage for her knowledge of the entertainment options that they offer in their business. Now Bonnie and Brian, bring all their expertise and experience to their clients as P. S. I Love You Productions delivering on the promise of a stress-free wedding experience.

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