6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Live Painter for Your Wedding

While artists have been creating live depictions of important events for centuries, it is only within recent years that live event painting has become a popular service for weddings.  If you are considering live painting services for your big day (or if you’ve never heard of live event painting and would like to know more about this unique service), keep reading for some important criteria to keep in mind when hiring a live painter for your wedding.

This article is written by Amanda Rainear who is the event manager for Event Painting by Jamie,

What is a Live Painter?

A live event painter is an artist who paints throughout a special event.  Usually, live event painters will base their artwork on the scene unfolding around them.  When you hire a live painter for your wedding day, the artist will usually set up a few hours before your wedding begins and paint throughout your celebration.  Usually, either the ceremony or first dance is the subject of the painting.  The painting is either finished the night of the event or, more commonly, taken back to the artist’s studio for touch-ups and then delivered at a later date.  Live painters usually fall under the “entertainment” or “unique services” vendor category, and they add quite a special touch to weddings and other events.

Check Multiple Boxes

One of the most important things to keep in mind when deciding to hire a live painter for your wedding is the unique dual purpose of the service.  Live painters are one of the only wedding service providers that can serve as both an entertainment vendor in addition to providing a customized keepsake created during your special day.  In addition, live painters add an extra unique flair to your day that will be sure to wow guests.

Find Your Style Match

When choosing a live painter, be sure to study the painter’s gallery of past work to determine whether his or her style matches what you envision for your painting.  Not all live event painters have the same style.  In fact, most live artists’ styles are completely unique!  It’s also important to keep in mind the mediums and materials your chosen artist uses.  Are you looking for an ethereal watercolor portrait or a more realistic acrylic painting?

Get Comfortable

It’s important to get to know the artist before hiring him or her to create something as personal as a piece of artwork based on your wedding day.  Avoid artists who are unwilling to answer questions before you hire them or who seem unapproachable.  You will be working together to create something truly special that is about you, your partner and your love story, so it’s imperative that you are as comfortable with your chosen artist as you are with your photographer and videographer.

Customization Options

No two paintings are the same, so be sure to discuss your vision and goals for your painting with your hired artist before the big day.  At Event Painting by Jamie, a half hour consultation 1-2 months before your wedding day is an important part of our process that serves to get everyone on the same page before Jamie begins painting.  Be wary of artists who are inflexible with painting options.  While the artist will expect to interpret your big day on canvas in his or her own way, a good live event painter will allow your vision for the painting to guide his or her work.  By the same token, don’t feel as if you have to have a lot of input into your painting, either.  If you would like for the artist to run free with whatever inspires him or her during your event, this is something the artist should be fully comfortable with as well.

Preserve the Emotion of Your Wedding Day

Artwork captures the feel of a special event in a way that is different from photographs and video, and live event paintings are one of the few wedding services that offer something created for you during your wedding.  You will always remember watching the painting come to life as a special part of your big day.  In addition, it’s important to note how wedding paintings closely symbolize and mimic the purpose for your wedding- the formation and celebration of something everlasting.

Receive a Family Heirloom

A painting of your wedding day can be passed down from generation to generation.  It’s important to consider that with constantly changing technology, it’s possible that original artwork may last even longer than photographs.  Therefore, if properly preserved, a wedding painting may end up being the longest lasting memento of your wedding day. Be sure to ask the live painter you hire how to best take care of your painting in order to ensure that it lasts as long as your love story!

If you are considering hiring a live painter to capture your special day on canvas, be sure to keep these tips in mind as you begin to consult with your preferred painters.  If you have questions about live painting or would like to know more, Event Painting by Jamie is happy to help!