How to Find Your Perfect Wedding Vendor Team

Weddings are unique in the fact that you will be hiring multiple vendors in order to make your wedding day come together. This can get a little overwhelming, and you might not know where to start or what to look for. In this episode, we’re going to be talking to Beth McIntyre of Your Favorite Day about how to find your perfect wedding vendor team.

Set Your Budget Priorities

Although it gets a bad wrap, wedding budget is not a bad word! Every wedding has a budget even $100,000 wedding has a budget. It’s $100,000 right? So it’s not a bad word. It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be spending any money and it doesn’t mean you’re going to be spending too much money. It’s just something that you need to be aware of because you don’t want to things to get out of control.

This is why setting the priorities for your wedding is the number one step after you get all of that that fun inspiration. That means if photography is most important to you on your wedding, put photography at the top of that budget list. Maybe you’re a little different. Maybe it’s that you can’t wait to have everyone from both sides of your family all together in the same place. So maybe your priority is having fun things for them to do throughout the weekend. Every couple is unique, so sit down with your future spouse and discuss your top priorities as this will shape your wedding budget.

Find a Style that Matches Your Vision

After you do your research and find vendors that you are interested in, make sure they match the style that you envision for your wedding day. Photography and videography is an easy one as you’re going to see the photos or videos in their gallery. For other vendors, like a wedding planner, florist, etc, check out their social media. Maybe they share a lot of personal insight which you connect with or maybe they are all business and that is what you like. Schedule a consultation with them as well. You have to really go with your gut on that one and see if who you’re getting the good vibes from.

Vet Your Potential Vendors

Making sure that the vendor is a legitimate business is extremely important. Unfortunately, we’ve all heard the stories of fly by night wedding vendors that take advantage of couples. Doing a little due diligence will help you avoid and issues.

For the Orlando wedding vendors that you are looking to book, check their reviews, website, and social media pages before you contact them. Also, make sure that have fairly recent reviews and content to show that they are still actively in business.

Another important aspect of hiring wedding pros that are licenced and insured. Most venues will actually require this. Beth says, “There’s a lot of venues that are independently owned and operated. Think about all the barn venues in Central Florida. Those owners, they are doing their due diligence to protect themselves and also subsequently protect you. So having everybody be a legitimate business and have insurance is it is really important”.

She also adds, “(Having insurance) shows that your vendors are invested in their business since they have to pay for the insurance they have. They have to set up those things for their business. And to me, that shows that they care enough about their business and therefore they’re going to care about you because it is their business and they’ve invested in it.” 

Match Communication

While you’re interviewing your potential vendors, you should have a number of exchanges with them. So from that point, you should be able to get a good idea of who you’re going to be able to work with best throughout your process. Lets say you’re emailing a lot back and forth. If you’re a big email person that will work out for you. Maybe your phone call person and maybe you’ve been asking this venture vendor to call you and they’re they’re not calling you. Instead, they prefer to email or text, as long as you can reach some sort of agreement before you have an agreement with them as their business, that’s fine.

Getting a feel for how you might be able to work best with your wedding vendor and also the way that you prefer to have communication, is gonna be key. Also, remember that wedding professionals work a lot on weekends. If you are trying to get responses on Monday morning, that might be their only day off that week. Your wedding vendors or your potential vendors should be forthcoming with that information.

About Your Favorite Day
After 14 plus years in the Orlando hospitality and event industry. Beth McIntrye created Your Favorite Day, a wedding planning firm here in Orlando. This allowed her to follow her passion and create a flexible work life for herself and her growing family. A certified wedding planner through The Bridal Society, she empowers couples to plan their own wedding and recognize their unique vision. Your Favorite Day packages offer expert advice and tools along the way, plus professional assistance the day of to ensure you are able to fully enjoy your wedding day.

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