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How to Pick Your Wedding Party

It’s probably safe to say that even before a couple gets engaged, they have at some point thought about the friends and family members who may make up their future wedding party. After you become engaged, asking your bridesmaids and groomsmen to stand beside you on your wedding day is likely one of the top things on your wedding planning to-do list.

Often times, there are social media posts from brides to be who are feeling a little bit stressed when it comes to picking their wedding party. The decision of who to ask, how to ask, and if it’s “ok” to do something a little different are all choices that can weigh on the mind of someone planning a wedding. We do have good news for you: there are no rules when it comes to your wedding party! Now more than ever couples are embracing their own preferences when it comes to picking a wedding party, and we are loving the results! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when it comes time to pick your own wedding party. 

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1. When it comes to picking your wedding party, size DOESN’T matter!

Size DOESN’T matter! Whether you and your fiance are team “The More The Merrier” or are more of a “Less is More” kind of couple, your wedding day squad will be perfect as long as you do what feels right to you. 

2. No need to be Even Steven!

No need to be Even Steven when picking your wedding party! If you and your girls travel in a gaggle but your partner sticks with one or two close friends, it’s ok to incorporate this into your wedding party numbers. There is no rule saying the sides must match and there are many ways to make this look seamless both during the ceremony and in your wedding day pictures. 

3. Kiss gender “rules” goodbye.

Kiss gender “rules” goodbye. If you are that bride that has more guy friends than girlfriends or if you are a groom that was blessed with a trio of sisters, by all means, have them stand by YOUR side! 

4. Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance: No, we aren’t suggesting your parents pick your wedding party. Is your mom your best friend? By all means, have her stand beside you on your wedding day! What better way to honor an amazing relationship with a parent than including them in your wedding party? 

5. It’s OK to fly solo (well, as a couple)

It’s OK to fly completely solo. If having a wedding party is causing some less than happy thoughts or if you are really focused on your wedding being a celebration of just the two of you, consider eliminating it altogether. Your Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah or your Vegas Bachelor Party and all of the fun pre-wedding festivities can still happen even if you don’t have a designated wedding party! 

bride with her bridesmaids in pink dresses holding bouquets for pick your wedding party article
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