How to Postpone Your Wedding

In the past, it was pretty rare for a couple to postpone their wedding. Flash forward to mid-March 2020, postponed weddings have become the norm as we deal with a global pandemic that is forcing us to social distance. If your wedding date is fast approaching and/or you are nervous about the current pandemic climate, you might decide to take this route but aren’t really sure what to do. Here is your guide on how to postpone your wedding.

Are you postponing part or all of your wedding?

Before you officially start the process of postponing your wedding, you and your future spouse need to discuss if postponing your wedding is the best move for you. Although weddings are currently not the celebrations that they were pre-pandemic, some couples are finding ways to still have their wedding during coronavirus. Some ways include going virtual or just having a very small ceremony with a reception at a later date. However, some couples want to postpone the whole wedding celebration when COVID19 isn’t putting a damper on things.

Since every couple is unique and after discussing, you may feel that you want to postponed all or a part of your wedding.

So what is your first step…

Decide on New Date Options

Although you may have selected a wedding date based on a sentimental meaning, there is a good chance that this same date may not be available for you to reschedule. The pandemic hit mid-March, right at the beginning of busy Spring wedding season here in Central Florida. This means all these couples had to reschedule their weddings to later dates since social gathering was limited. As the pandemic as continued, both couples who are rescheduling for the first and those that have had to reschedule multiple times, are filling up available dates. Many couples are now deciding to move their wedding to 2021 in hopes that things will clear up then. However, those dates are going fast because 2021 is now filled with those that originally had their wedding planned for then AND those that have rescheduled.

All this to say that you are going to have to be flexible with your new wedding date. Having a list of multiple dates that will work for you, even considering a weekday wedding, ready will eliminate a lot of back and forth with your venue and vendors.

Contact Your Venue and Vendors

It is so important that you contact your venue and vendors as soon as your decide that you will be postponing your wedding. If you are working with a wedding planner, which we always recommend at least a month of coordinator, contact them first. They can help you with navigating all your other vendors. If you aren’t working with a planner, start with your wedding venue. Then begin contacting each of your vendors.

Keep in mind there may be fees with rescheduling. Also, if you select a date that a vendor does not have available which leads you to cancel services with that vendor, you will most likely lose your retainer. We know that this is a difficult situation. However, upon booking vendor services, you signed a contract which legally has to be abided by. In most cases, vendors will do their absolute best to work with you. Just be mindful that they are a small business and are dealing with a huge influx of reschedules for an unprecedented situation. Kindness and understanding goes a long way on both ends.

Venue: Cross Creek Ranch

Look Over Your Wedding Insurance

If you purchased wedding insurance before the pandemic, look at your policy and contact the company to see if any changes and additional fees will be covered. If you are looking to purchase wedding insurance now it is very important that you fully understand what that insurance covers. Insurance companies will most likely not write a policy if the situation is named. An example would be if there is a named hurricane coming towards Florida, you will not be able to get a policy to cover you in case that hurricane causes you to cancel your wedding. The same thing goes for the pandemic. Since COVID19 is classified as a pandemic, you need to discuss what would actually be covered, if anything, with the insurance company.

Inform Your Wedding Guests

As soon as you have confirmed the new date with your venue and vendors, the next step is to let your wedding guests know. This is really important to do quickly as some may have made travel plans to come to your wedding that may need to be adjusted. Many couples who are postponing their wedding are sending out postponement announcements. However, if your date is less than a couple months away, we would suggest using a faster method like email or phone to let your wedding guests know, especially if they are from out of town.

If you have a lot of out of town guess and secured a room block, considered contacting the hotel or resort on your guests behalf to negotiate a full or partial refund. This will help to take the burden off of your family and friends.

It’s OK to Feel Sad

There is so much going on the world that postponing your wedding to others may seem like it’s at the bottom of the horrible things scale. However, it’s your wedding and something that you spent months planning. You and your future spouse have so much emotional investment into it. We want you to know IT’S OK TO FEEL SAD! Let yourself grieve. Know that your feelings are valid. Talk them out with your future spouse or closest friends. You will soon be able to celebrate your love!