How to Relax for Your Boudoir Session

Boudoir photography has become popular over the past several years and a session could be really empowering. However, because it usually involves little clothing, our nerves can definitely get the best of you. We are talking to Bumby Grimm of BB by Bumby on how to relax for your boudoir session so that you can fully enjoy yourself.

Build a Rapport with Your Photographer

You are going to be getting in front of your photographer with very little clothing which can be very nerve-racking. Build a rapport with them prior to your session will definitely help. Schedule a call so that you can ask questions. You can even schedule an appointment to tour the studio space. Talking with your photographer prior to your session help them get to know you and your personality. This allows you the chance to tell them what you are looking to get out of your session. You want a session that represents you and what you feel sexy and beautiful in.

Pamper Yourself Before the Session

Treat yourself to some pampering before your boudoir session. Get your nails done the day before and/or hair colored a couple of weeks before. This will help you get excited about your session and make sure that you feel your best.

Practice Posing

One of the things that make a lot of women nervous about a boudoir session is what to do. By this we mean, posing! You certainly don’t have to be a model and your photographer will help guide you on how to position yourself during a session. However, practising facial expressions and or poses in a mirror prior to your session, can help calm nerves. Don’t be afraid to look at some stuff on Pinterest and get some ideas. See how they’re doing their facial expressions and practice them yourself. This will help you understand what style you are as well, maybe more playful than sexy. It may sound silly but we promise it will pay off.

Dress Rehearsal

When clients come into the BB by Bumby studio, they are welcomed into a relaxing environment. Bumby loves to talk and joke with her clients to ease any nerves while they get their hair and makeup done. Before your session, she’ll do a little 5-10 minute “dress rehearsal”. During this time she’ll give you tips for posing which will help build your confidence during your session.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Now it’s shoot time! But what if your nerves kick in? Bumby suggest simply taking a second close your eye and breathe. Surprisingly when you focus on your breathing and relax your shoulders, your tension that has built up slowly releases as you breathe in and out. By doing this you have completely cleared your mind.

Bumby also notes, “One thing that I also find too is changing up the outfits at that point. By the time they tend to start tensing up a little bit, that’s usually during the first outfit. I will honestly say once they hit their second outfit, my girls are like pros. I feel like their nerves are gone by like that first outfit.”

Speak Up

If at any time during your session you feel that tension starts to build up, don’t be afraid to speak up. Although you are working with a professional photographer at the end of the day their main goal is that you loved your session and gained empowerment. If you aren’t feel something or need to take a second, let them know. They will have suggestions to help!

About BB by Bumby:
Bumby Grimm is the owner of BB by Bumby, which is located in beautiful Sanford, Florida. As a wife, mom of three and small business owner there some days that she wakes up and just feels blah from dealing with the daily craziness. It wasn’t until she had her own boudoir in beauty session that she was empowered in a way she never could have imagined. Her goal is to provide her clients with an amazing boost of confidence and for them to see how truly beautiful they are through boudoir photography sessions.

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