Looking Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

by: Elle from Captured by Elle

When it comes to looking your best in your engagement or wedding photos, it really is the photographer’s job to pose you. Unless you’re going totally photojournalistic (meaning ‘fly the wall’ coverage where you’re not given any direction), a big part of why you’re hiring a pro is so they can give you posing direction. It’s something that takes time to perfect as a wedding photographer. It also makes a world of difference in the photos, as well as in your overall experience. There’s nothing more awkward than standing in front of a camera wondering what to do with your hands or if you’re looking like a total goof or not! Here are just a few of my go-to tips and tricks that I teach my brides for looking your best in your wedding photos.

Create Space Between Your Arms and Body

There’s a reason that models pose with their hands on their hips instead of straight by their sides. Creating space between your body and your arms is figure flattering for women of all body types. Of course, I will tell you exactly where to place your hands and how to angle your elbows with each pose when I’m shooting you, but when you’re taking photos yourself always aim to create a little space between your arms and your body for the most flattering photo.

Relax Your Shoulders

We naturally hold tension in our neck and shoulders, which can make us look stiff in photos. Remember to relax your shoulders and let them melt down so they aren’t up by your ears! On that note, you don’t want to relax so much that you’re hunching over either. Make sure to keep those shoulder blades pulled in so your posture looks good.

Bend Your Front Knee

This is my go-to trick any time I’m posing for a quick cell phone snap! The key is to stand with your shoulders at about a 45-degree angle to the camera and bend the front knee. It gives a natural S-curve to the body which is super figure flattering. You can also cross your ankles or kick back your toe for the same effect.

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