Options for Having a Wedding During Coronavirus

The wedding world (well the world in general) has definitely changed over the past few months. With a global pandemic causing us to social distance, it makes it challenging to have the wedding celebration that you originally planned for. Every couple’s wedding is unique and therefore you will have to evaluate what is going to work for you and your wedding guests. Here are some options if you are having a wedding during coronavirus.

Go Virtual

With the recommendation for social distancing from the CDC and state/national governments since March, we have had to get creative on how we stay in contact with each other. Que in Zoom calls and FaceTime! We’ve kept in touch with friends and family through these platforms, especially our elderly loved ones. This has allowed those that aren’t normally familiar with this type of technology to learn really quickly with how to use it.

How does this relate to your wedding?

Hosting your wedding online maybe an option for you for a variety of reasons. First, if you are having a destination wedding in the Central Florida area, you and your wedding guests are most likely going to have to travel. Many people aren’t comfortable with air travel at this time so those that you had originally planned to attend will most likely respectfully decline. Same to be said if you are a local but have a lot of out of town wedding guests.

Another reason that a virtual wedding may be a good option is if you have a good amount of guests that are elderly or in the high risk group. Although they may want to be part, keeping them safe right now is definitely more important. Having this option always them to still be part of your wedding but in the safety of their home.

Keep in mind that a virtual wedding doesn’t mean you have to stop at the ceremony. You can also have a virtual reception with first dance and speeches.

Event Painting by Jamie

Live Stream Your Wedding  

If you’d like to have some of your guests celebrate with you in person while still including those that are not able to make it for various reasons, live streaming is a great option. Couples who are having a wedding during coronavirus have had to scale done their guest lists considerably but opting for a micro wedding. Live streaming their wedding allows guests that didn’t make the in person list or that are not able to attend to be part of your special day. Live streaming can be as simple as a Facebook/Instagram Live or Zoom. However, if you are able to, we’d suggest hiring a professional so that you can always have a wedding video keepsake.

Marry Now, Celebrate Later

A wedding is about marrying your future spouse. You don’t technically need a party to do this, which means that you can have a quick ceremony or decide to elope. However, most couples want to celebrate this life event with the ones they love and that means a party! With that in mind, we are seeing that many couples who were scheduled to get married during this time have decided to get keep wedding date and just have the ceremony to official get married. They are opting to go virtual as they exchange they vows but are holding off on the party until 2021 or beyond when they hope the worst has past and we can celebrate together again. This is a great option for couples that don’t want a wedding during coronavirus and had their hearts set on the celebration part of their wedding.

Make It Open Air

As we learn more about the coronavirus, it seems that it may be safer to be outdoors then in an indoor space. If you’ve already booked your venue, inquire if they have outdoor ceremony and reception spaces available. If you decide to go this route with an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that we are in Florida. This means that there are considerations that need to be made, especially if you are planning to have a summer wedding in Central Florida. One in particular is the heat. With face covers being a requirement in many counties and venues, wedding guests may not want to be outside for long periods of time with masks on. Also, as weather can be unpredictable, reserving a tent is a good idea.

Venue: Dragonfly Farms

Postpone, Don’t Cancel

Many couples are questioning having a wedding with all the unknown. We get it! You have invested so much emotionally and financially into planning your wedding only to have everything change in the blink of an eye. Just remember love isn’t cancelled nor does the wedding you planned for have to be. Many couples are finding the best option for them is to postpone their wedding celebration to a later date.

With so many postponements happening, remember the pandemic hit during busy spring wedding season, most of 2020 has been taken due to weddings originally booked and then the spring rescheduling to those dates. Due to this and the current uncertainty of COVID19, couples are opting for 2021 weddings. We are big proponents of postponing instead of canceling! Not only does this give you the opportunity to have the wedding you want but more time to save for it, a win-win!