Tips for Using Pinterest for Your Wedding

Oh, Pinterest! How we love you… We love you to help decorate our home, plan our weekly dinner menu, workout ideas, but most of all for Orlando wedding inspiration. However, there are a few issues with using Pinterest for your wedding, not to burst your happy bubble. Pinterest can set unrealistic expectations and lets be honest it is never-ending. More isn’t always best! So, should you stop looking on Pinterest for wedding inspiration? Absolutely not! We still recommend using this wedding inspiration tool for your wedding. Just follow these steps to make sure that you don’t become disappointed or have wedding design remorse.

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Organize Your Pins

Have you ever fallen down the Pinterest rabbit hole? You know, when you sat down, started pinning and like magic an hour passed by. Chances are that you’ve probably been pinning wedding ideas long before the engagement ring made its debut. Now is the time to start narrowing down and organizing all that wedding inspiration. If you had one board for all things wedding, start creating boards based on categories, wedding dress, bouquets, ceremony ideas, etc. If you’ve already organized your pins into boards, start narrowing down your pins to your favorites.

Use Local Hastags

Not too long ago Pinterest brought back the use of hashtags. This is another way for you to narrow down your search results. Use local hashtags, like #orlandowedding or #orlandoweddingideas, to find ideas that are relevant to the location that you are getting married. You can also use hashtags to find your wedding venue and/or wedding vendors with hashtags like #orlandovenues, #orlandoweddingphotographer, and/or #orlandoweddingflorist. 

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Understand That What You Love May Not Be in Your Budget

Every couple has to deal with the “B” word: Budget! Pinterest provides gorgeous wedding inspiration, but what it doesn’t provide is the price tag that comes with bringing that inspiration to life. We see this the most when it comes to florals. Weddings are one of the few occasions where you will have large numbers of flowers at one event, from bouquets to table centerpieces and everywhere in between. However, flowers are perishable and can be costly. Working with a professional Orlando wedding florist allows you the discuss your options and they can work with you to achieve a look that is within your budget.

Once You’ve Decided, STOP PINNING!!

This is a big one! Wedding inspiration is like anything, it is constantly changing. There will always be new wedding design ideas, new wedding gowns, new trends… you get the idea. If you are always looking for the next best thing, you will never be happy with what you picked. After you have finalized your wedding design and details, stop looking at wedding inspiration on Pinterest. Be confident in your choices, your wedding with be beautiful!

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