Understanding the Process of Hiring a Hair and Makeup Artist

From the dress to your accessories, you’ve probably envisioned your wedding day look.  However, it’s your hair and makeup that will really pull the whole look together.

Even if you have gotten your hair and makeup professionally done in the past, let say for prom or another special event or maybe you were a bridesmaid in the past, getting these services done as a bride is a little bit different. We are talking to Mandi Neuhardt of Beauty Brigade about the process of hiring a hair and makeup artist for your wedding day.

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Inquiry Process

There are a variety of locations that you can find wedding hair and makeup artists. Make sure to do the research and look at reviews. Once you have made the decision on who you would like to inquire with, try to ask any questions that you can before you do your hair and makeup trial. There is a chance that you will have other questions that might come up during or after your trial, but this way you can have a better idea of how your hair and makeup artist works with brides before moving forward with a trial.

Your Bridal Hair and Makeup Trial

After you have made the decision on which hair and makeup artist you’d like to work with, it is really important that you have a trial run. A hair and makeup trial allows you to work through the look that you are thinking of having on your wedding day with a professional.

They will ask you questions like the theme of your wedding and the style of your wedding dress. Keeping these in mind when designing your hair and makeup will allow your look to fit cohesively with the overall vision that you have for your wedding day. The goal of a trial is to give you the time to work through and finalize your wedding day hair and makeup so that there aren’t any surprises the day of. This will allows you can relax knowing the final look is exactly what you want.

If you are happy with the hair and makeup artists work during the trial, then you will move to booking and signing a contract for their services and the services for any other bridesmaids and family members that would like their hair and makeup down that day. This is important to determine prior so that the vendors have enough artists and stylist the day of.

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On the Wedding Day

When it comes to the day of your timeline is very important. Due to the fact that hair and makeup will be the first thing that is done that day, providing an accurate timeline of the wedding day and the number of services is extremely important to make sure the whole day runs smoothly.

If you are working with a wedding planner, which we highly suggest, then they will be helping you create a timeline. However, if you do not have a wedding planner, you will most likely be working with your wedding photographer to have a guide on how the day will go.

Keep in mind that in order for your hair and makeup artist to be able to stick to that timeline, all those that are getting services must be present. Making sure that your bridesmaids are there and ready to go when it is their turn, will help alleviate stress and allow for you to have a more enjoyable getting ready time.

After the Wedding

Many couples after the wedding are in honeymoon mode and they might not think to give their hair and makeup artist (or any of their wedding vendors for that matter) some love with a review. We get it! The wedding is over and that is probably the last thing on your mind.

However, taking a few minutes to write a review for the vendors that brought your wedding vision to life is always appreciated. These reviews help these small wedding businesses bring other couples’ wedding visions to life as well!

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