Q&A: Wedding Planner Edition

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding and we are sure you have a ton of questions. We asked five Central Florida wedding planners to answer some of the most frequent questions that we have received from local couples going through the wedding planning process.

Do we need to have a seating chart?

“We always like to tell my clients, it’s your wedding, your day, therefore, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to! In the case of seating charts though, it is always a good idea to keep in mind your guests’ comfort. Our suggestion would be to think through your family dynamics; is there anyone in the family that’s not ok with sitting next to someone else, are there people who don’t know anyone coming? If it’s a yes, keep it simple and just assign tables, not chairs. if none of the above applies, and you are having a buffet not plated, make a fun game out of the cocktail hour to have guests interact and make new friends, that way when it’s time for seating, they already have someone they have been chatting with!”

Rachael Jensen and Taylor Bianco
Taylor Rae Events

How soon should I start booking my wedding vendors?

“The best piece of advice in regard to a timeline of booking your vendors is to book the vendors that are most important to you first. Begin by evaluating what you and your fiancé’s priorities are, and plan accordingly. For example, if you have your heart set on using a specific photographer or band, then locking them in might be the first order of business, as opposed to someone else who is more flexible.”

Kelly Fowler
Just Save the Date

Do we need to list a dress code on our wedding invitations?

“We always suggest to our clients to include the formality of their wedding on their invitation so that guests can dress appropriately. You spend so much time into every little detail making sure your day is as perfect. Now, the final piece of the puzzle are guests in attendance, right? Help your guests find the right outfit for your wedding by giving them an idea of your formality. The more information you give them, the better.”

Kim Tran
Pearl White Events

Should we have an open bar?

“Per standard etiquette, the answer is 100% yes. Personally, I love open bars. I think they can help loosen your guests up a little to ensure they end up on that dance floor. I’ve seen many dry weddings, and they tend to end right after dinner. However, if you have an open bar at your wedding, you do not need to break your budget. You do not need to use top shelf, and you can get away with no liquor at all. For my clients that may have a tight budget, I’ve recommended just wine and beer. You can also offer His and Hers signature drinks. These options will help you control the bar a little better.”

Jacqueline Leierer
Sincerely Yours Weddings & Events

Do we need to have guest favors?

“I am a huge believer that guest favors are a thing of the past! Usually, the guests forget to take them home and they are left behind for clean-up. This means you end up with them at the end of the night. I say take the money that you would use for guest favors and put it towards what is important to you to have for your dream wedding!”

Melanie Thompson
Melanie Paige Events + Design

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