3 Reasons a First Look May Be Right for You

Olivia Ginn of In Style Imagery

When planning your wedding day, how do you envision the first moment you will see your spouse to be? Some couples want to first see each other in the traditional walk down the aisle while others opt for a first look before guests arrive for the ceremony. Of course, both are lovely ways to begin your new marriage, and whatever you decide as a couple should reflect your wishes for your wedding day.  Let’s look at a few great reasons a first look might be right for you.

bride surprising groom is a great reason a first is a good idea

The Photos

Your photographer will help you find the perfect spot with great lighting and privacy at your venue. The photos captured during this time are filled with emotion, anticipation, and of course lots of love. The smiles, the tears, and affection are genuine and so in the moment, and your photographer will be ready to capture it all.

When you get to see each other for the first time during your first look, after all those months of planning, this time spent together is a great opportunity to sneak in your couples portraits. You’ll have time to take some beautiful photos before the whirl wind begins. If you take the time for the couple’s portraits before the ceremony, you’ll save on time afterward creating more time for family, bridal party, and maybe a few more couple’s portraits so you can get to the reception and celebrate!

Just the Two of You

Often our couples express how quickly the day went by and the first look provided them with an intimate moment being present with one another and sharing their excitement for what is to come. This quality time is for you, before you share the day with your family and friends.

couple hugging in hallway after first look
bride and groom kissing in hall way after first look

All the Feelings

Seeing each other pre-ceremony can help calm your nerves. Many couples have said they feel more calm walking down the aisle after having a first look. The opportunity for sharing all those feelings and thoughts together before the ceremony isn’t all about physically seeing what the other person looks like, but more about sharing your happiness to begin your wedding day and lifetime of marriage.

If you do want a first look, be sure to let your photographer and planner know so there is plenty of time built into your wedding day schedule. Whichever way you choose to see each other on your wedding day, it will be exciting, full of anticipation, and lots of love. Enjoy the moments together however you find them and begin your big adventure!

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