Top Wedding Tip from the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding and How it Can Help Lessen Your Wedding Planning Stress

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement last fall, Royal Wedding fever has quickly spread. Where would they get married? Who will attend? and of course the “most” important question: What will the wedding dress look like? This past Saturday, all the wedding speculation came to an end as the world “attended” this royal celebration.

And it didn’t disappoint! The couple did a fabulous job of adding their personal touches to the day all while still honoring Royal tradition. You can see some of those touches below in this video from Good Morning America.

Photo: Alexi Lubomirski

It was estimated that the total cost of the Royal Wedding was around $45 million. From the show-stopping florals to the celebrations after the ceremony to the incredible amount of security coverage that was needed for the day, it’s easy to see why it took such a huge price tag to bring this wedding to life.

With almost 2 billion people around the world watching the wedding, it was the most watched wedding since the last Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine in 2011. What do 2 billion people watching a wedding mean? The flood gates of analysis are open wide! Every little detail of the Royal Wedding has been looked at with an opinion, whether positive or negative.
Of course, this shouldn’t shock anyone. We all love looking at weddings and expressing what we love/didn’t love about them. Why else would shows like TLC’s Four Weddings and Say Yes to the Dress still be a success after a decade?

Although the actual wedding ceremony is very symbolic for the Monarch. The couple wanted to showcase their love and personalities in their special day. When it comes down to it, Prince Harry and the new Duchess of Sussex are without a doubt madly in love. If you had any reservations before, you saw it in the first words the prince whispered to his bride “You look amazing. I’m so lucky!” and her reaction. Honestly, how could that not make you get all the feels?! And we are going to be so bold to say that we are sure the newlyweds wouldn’t have changed a thing about their special day, regardless of what the world thought because every part represented them perfectly!

So what can you learn from this Royal Wedding?

Even with a wedding budget that most people won’t make in a lifetime, spectators are still finding “flaws” in their wedding. In the craziness of YOUR wedding planning and all the opinions that you are getting, try not to forget why you are having your wedding celebration in the first place.

Because this is the thing, you DON’T need a wedding to get married. We know that sounds crazy coming from a wedding blog but it is the truth, you don’t. Couples have weddings to showcase their love and personality with a memorable celebration, not because it is a requirement for marriage. If you are worried that people will criticize your wedding choices, just know that it’s going to happen. And now that you know that, let it go!

If your heart is set on having donuts or pie instead of the traditional wedding cake, then do it! If you are getting married on the beach but you’ve fallen in love with a gorgeous ball gown that may not be “traditional” beach wedding dress attire, get it! Your wedding guests will come with opinions on every detail of your wedding, but they are happy to celebrate with you regardless of what dessert you serve or dress you wear. Wedding planning is stressful enough, don’t add to the stress by worrying if everyone will like your wedding choices. In 10, 15, 20+ years, you and your spouse will look back on your wedding celebration with a fondness knowing that you created a day that was truly representative of you as a couple!