4 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Photography Experience

Wedding day photography is an item that is usually pretty high on a couple’s list of wedding planning priorities. Here are 4 simple tips that ensure that you have an amazing wedding day photography experience!

#1 – Picking a Photographer You Love

Hiring the right photographer can have such a huge impact on how enjoyable your wedding day is. Make sure that you love their pictures and that their style matches your vision. Go beyond their online portfolio, if you love candid shoots or nighttime shoot ask to see some of these that they have taken as well as a full gallery. Just as equally important, if not more, is that you mess well with your photographer personality. Long before your wedding day, you will be communicating with your wedding photographer and you need to make sure that you are comfortable asking them questions.

#2 Go Easy on Pinterest…
Well at least as far as your wedding photography goes!

Pinterest is great for concept boards and it’s just plain fun to pin wedding pictures while you are in the planning process, but there are a few reasons why you should shy away from using your Pinterest board as a photography wish list.

  • Pinterest can set unrealistic expectations, as it is full of beautifully styled photos and models.
  • Different Styles – Your boards, as a whole, are not cohesive and can be confusing to your photographer as to what you are wanting.
  • Pinning too much of a certain style of picture may have your photographer focusing on the wrong things on your wedding day.

What to do instead: Instead of sending pins, communicate your picture priorities. For example: I love my shoes, please be sure to get a few great shots of them! I want to make sure I have a few fun pictures with our wedding party, I love my veil and the detail on my dress, I really want to go out for sunset shots, etc.

couple standing in front of macrame wedding ceremony arch holding hands

#3 Planning Your Photography Timeline and Wedding Day Logistics with Your Photographer

About a month or so before your wedding, schedule a coffee date with your photographer to create a photography timeline and communicate the pictures that are highest on your priority. Talk about ways to ensure you can fit those pictures in the timeline of your day. Make sure to keep your shot list to a minimum. Since you picked a photographer that you love and you have communicated your hopes for them, give them the opportunity to do what they do! Also, having a list of family formal groupings ready for your photographer to review will help them gauge how much time will be needed to complete the list. This is especially important if you are not doing a first look!

#4 Be Present in the Moment on Your Wedding Day!

You hired a photographer that you love and you have communicated with them enough to trust that they are going to everything they can to tell the story of your day. So relax and enjoy your wedding day!