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Tips for Having a Wedding Weekend

A year of wedding planning will come down to one amazing day of celebration with your loved ones. However, wouldn’t it be awesome to stretch that celebration over several days for a truly epic event. Cue in the Wedding Weekend! Here are some tips for having a wedding weekend.

What is Wedding Weekend?

First, let us start with what a wedding weekend is. Instead of having your wedding celebration on dance, a wedding weekend gives you the opportunity to create a multiday wedding experience for you and your guests to enjoy different activities together, either at the resort or location you are staying or in the Central Florida area.

Central Florida is such a great location to have a wedding weekend with the fact that we are one of the top tourist destinations and it is pretty likely that your out of town wedding guests will make a vacation out of your wedding anyway.

Why a Wedding Weekend?

You’ve heard it a million times, but your wedding day will fly by. You will most likely spend your wedding reception making your rounds to ensure that you talk to all your wedding guests. Before you know it, the night is over and you didn’t get to fully enjoy your own wedding.

With a wedding weekend you would have most likely talked with guests you haven’t seen in a while on previous days. This way you don’t have to worry about connecting with everyone during the 4-5 hours of your wedding.

Tips for Having a Wedding Weekend

Ready to start planning your wedding weekend? Check out our interview with Bri and Jessica of Mission Inn Resort for some tips to make sure your wedding weekend runs smoothly.

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