Wedding Cakes: What You Should Know

We often get asked why wedding cakes are so much more than your everyday birthday or celebration cakes. The truth is that there is so much more that goes into getting that delicious masterpiece to your wedding reception than any other celebration. Here are just a few elements that go into consideration when creating the wedding cake for your big day!


Unlike a birthday cake that you may select out of a binder, your cake artist will need a lot more detail in order to create the cake or dessert that you want for your wedding celebration. They will need to know the overall theme and feel for your wedding, what your vision is for your cake, decor elements, color scheme, etc. Some bakers will provide you with a unique sketch of what your cake will look like.


There are a variety of different techniques that can be used when it comes to creating a wedding cake. The most basic would be deciding if you’d like to use fondant or buttercream as your base. From there you will decide what details you will want, and this can be anything from hand painted elements, time-consuming textures, fondant pieces, and/or sugar art.

Protecting from the Elements

Florida weather is harsh in general, but it can especially be hard on wedding cakes! The heat can cause the best constructed cake to fall apart. A professional baker will take weather into consideration and have systems in place to make sure that your wedding cake is being well-taken care of.


In the case that an unexpected bump would happen to damage your cake they have kits on hand to fix any issues. Wedding cakes often need to be transported in pieces and then built upon arrival. Many times decor elements will be placed on the cake after delivery as well to make sure that they stay safe during the drive to the venue. This is often a time-consuming and tedious task.