Including a Dessert Bar in Your Wedding

There are so many other delicious options that you can include in your wedding celebration. We are talking about why a wedding dessert bar is a great option for your wedding celebration with Vanessa Negron of Sweet Miss Vs!

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Offer Your Guests More Variety

Of course, a wedding cake is the traditional route when it comes to desserts for your wedding. However, many couples are options to have a variety of dessert options for their wedding guests. This gives your wedding guests the opportunity to try different things that are bite-size. It also allows you to provide those guests with specific food allergies options.

Use as Wedding Favors

Along with the interactive nature of a dessert bar, dessert bar items can also double as wedding favors. We are big fans of edible wedding favors. All too often a wedding favors get left behind. This is less likely to happen with an edible one and gives your guests a little snack during or after the wedding.

Honor Family Heritage

Weddings are not only the coming together of two people, but it is also often the honoring of family heritage and traditions. Often times that means including specific foods and desserts in the wedding celebration. Many couples use their dessert bar as a way to incorporate their family heritage without having a traditional wedding. Small bites, like mini-cannolis, are a great way to do this.

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About Vanessa Negron:
Vanessa aka Miss V, is all the flavor of the delicious desserts that she creates for her couples. She believes life is full of color and flavor and your desserts should be too! With a culinary background, this pastry chef loves to create unique cakes and dessert bars that reflect her client’s personalities as well as tying in their heritage.

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