5 Tips for Your Wedding Dress After the Wedding

The tradition of preserving your wedding dress has been around for decades; yet generation after generation we rarely see dresses being re-worn by family members. I’m often asked what else can be done with a wedding dress once it’s been worn down the aisle. Now there are several alternative options beyond boxing up your wedding dress.

Sell Your Wedding Dress

In this ever so popular shared economy, more and more brides are looking to make money back on their wedding purchases. The wedding dress is no exception. Typically a bridal resale boutique will have a split terms agreement. Basically, when the dress sells, you will receive half of the listing price. In addition to your brick and mortar, there are listing websites where you can pay a flat fee ranging from $25 – $75 to list your dress to brides-to-be throughout the country. Selling your wedding dress provides you with a financial perk that could be used for a down payment on a house, renovation, or a charity donation.

Make an Anniversary Dress Out of the Fabric

Throughout the years I’ve helped brides transform their wedding dress into evening and cocktail dresses. Celebrating a big anniversary in your wedding dress signifies the importance of your wedding day and the first days of your marriage. Also, it’s a great way to motivate yourself to stay in shape throughout the years. We all hope to still fit into our wedding dress! By consulting with a seamstress or dressmaker, they can inform you of the different options available to transform your wedding dress. To prevent discoloring, preserve your wedding dress if don’t plan on wearing it within one year.

Save for a Photo Shoot

Most of us would change at least one thing about their wedding day. Maybe it was the weather or a wrong vendor choice. Either way, there are things you would do differently. Saving your wedding dress to do a photoshoot is the perfect way to relive your wedding day without all the fuss. I don’t mean a trash the dress session. I mean you and your partner in a beautiful landscape walking hand and hand in your wedding attire. Maybe a bottle of bubbly to celebrate after. Why not have additional photos wearing the most luxurious garments you will ever own.

 Create a Family Heirloom

While dresses are not often re-worn, I do see generations using fabric from the dress to make veils, crib canopies, Christmas tree skirts, christening gowns, and other family heirlooms. If you decide to sell the dress, keep the veil so you can still create a custom family heirloom. Seamstresses specializing in wedding dresses are familiar with reworking wedding dresses and veils into memorable and useful family treasures.

Donate Your Wedding Dress

If you can part with your dress and you don’t need the money, consider donating it. Companies like Brides Against Breast Cancer and The Bridal Garden use the money from sales to contribute to their cause or mission. They accept wedding dresses in all conditions.  If your dress is damaged during your wedding, do not throw it away. There may be a bride out there who would enjoy and appreciate your dress. Dry cleaning is not a requirement; however, it does help the nonprofits by allowing them to get the more for your wedding dress.

About the Author:

Tali Gallo is part owner of The Bridal Finery, located in Winter Park, FL. Tali and her partner Roberta Noronha took their over 20 years combined experience in the bridal gown industry to create a bridal boutique concept that is innovative and unique to the area. To learn more about The Bridal Finery and find other useful tips and advice on wedding dresses, visit them at thebridalfinery.com.