How to Get Beautiful Wedding Flowers within Your Budget

Flowers enhance any event, especially weddings. Since this is most likely the first time that you are purchasing a large number of flowers, you may have a little bit of a sticker shock. We are talking with Andie of Events by The Flower Studio about how you can get beautiful wedding flowers that are within your budget.

greenery garland with orange halves on reception table
Photo: Live Happy Studio

Why do flowers cost so much?

Many couples look to Pinterest for planning their wedding. Pinterest can be really helpful but it can also set unrealistic expectations when it comes to wedding design and florals. As you know, there are no price tags on the wedding inspiration that you fall in love with on Pinterest. When a couple comes to a florist with a pin for the inspiration for their wedding flowers, they are often quick to find that it is out of their budget.

So why do flowers cost so much….

In short, they don’t! It is the taste that doesn’t line up with the budget that has been set for a wedding.

There are several factors when it comes to pricing. Of course, the amount that you are looking for, but also the types of flowers and design. Andie recommends that couples have 15-20% of the wedding budget dedicated to flowers. However, if flowers aren’t a big priority for you and your soon to be spouse than that would be less. On the flip side of that, if flowers are a very important part of your wedding you would want to add more to that budget.

bride holding bridal bouquet full of greenery and gold painted florals
Photo: Angie and Marko Photography

How can I get beautiful flowers within my budget? 

Working with a professional can actually save you money in the long run. A professional wedding florist will access to floral suppliers and design ideas. If the inspiration photo that you provide to your wedding florist is out of your budget, they can provide more budget-friendly suggestions that will help you stretch your floral budget to get the atmosphere that you are looking for.

Can I save money by getting flowers that are in season?

When it comes to seasonal flowers, Florida doesn’t really have any. Greenery and succulents may be available, but common wedding flowers like peonies and roses have to shipped in regardless of the time of year. Being flexible with which flowers you have and how many can help save money but in Florida, we don’t have any local flowers to a have season for.

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About Andie Muller:
Brazilian by birth and American by choice, Andie is an amazing Floral artist with more than 500 weddings/events under her belt over the past 10 years. She is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers. When she isn’t making incredible floral pieces for her couples, you will most likely find Andie continuing her floral knowledge through various educational opportunities.

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