Wedding Show Tips

We are so excited to be part of the Florida Wedding Expo this Tuesday,  October 1st! It’s going to be a great time and we are looking forward to meeting all the wonderful brides and grooms-to-be. There will also be a bunch of Orange Blossom Bride Orlando wedding vendors in attendance (listed below), so make sure to come out and see how they can help make your wedding vision a reality! Check out some of our wedding show tips below, to prepare you for the expo. See you there!

Tips for Attending a Wedding Show

You’ve said “Yes!” and now comes the task of planning your Orlando wedding. One way to plan your wedding is to attend a wedding show. At a wedding show, you have a variety of different wedding vendors that will help bring your wedding to life. Not only is this a great place to plan your wedding, but you can also make a day of it with your fiance(e), bridesmaids, family, and/or friends. Here are some wedding show tips for making the most of your day!

BEFORE the Wedding Show

Do Your Research

Depending on which type of wedding show you are attending, there will probably be a lot of wedding vendors. After hours of walking around, it can get overwhelming, so go in with a game plan!  Many wedding shows, like the Florida Wedding Expo, will provide a list of wedding vendors that will be in attendance at their show. Take a little bit of time and look over this list. Check out the websites and reviews of the vendors that you are interested in. The day of the show, visit these vendors first and talk with them about their services!

Create a Separate Email Account

It is a good idea to get organized at the beginning of your wedding planning process, even if you are not going to be attending a wedding show. Think about all the email that you receive on a daily basis. Now think of all the wedding related emails that will be added to this once you start signing up for wedding related newsletters and inquiring with wedding vendors. Creating a separate email account for all things relating to your wedding will greatly reduce the stress of trying to find the wedding information that you are looking for.

Make Information Labels

Creating information labels with at least your name, email, phone number, AND wedding date (or month/year that your thinking about getting married) will save you a huge headache the day of the wedding show! Most likely, each booth that you stop by will ask you for your contact information. Lets say there are 100 booths, well that is a lot of writing! It is so much easier to hand a vendor your finished contact information (address labels work great!). This allows you the opportunity to focus on talking with them about their services, without the distraction of writing your information down.

The Day of the Wedding Show

Make a Day of It!

Most wedding shows are normally 4-5 hours long. Of course you don’t have to stay that long, but it is a great opportunity to have a fun day with your friends and family. Wedding shows are not just vendor booths. Many have plenty of other events and activities going on, such as bridal fashion shows. Take advantage of all the wedding fun!

Tip: Wedding vendors will be displaying some of their best work. However, you are going to see bunch of things that you like from different vendors. If you see something that you like, take a photo with their business card next to the wedding detail so that you know who to contact after the show.

Take Advantage of the Wedding Show Deals

Wedding vendors put a lot of effort into being part of a wedding show and they would love to be part of your wedding day. Many offer special deals for booking at or within a few days of the show. On top of that, most larger shows have some type of “currency” that can be use towards the services of the vendors that accept it. With the average wedding in the area costing over $26,000, it’s helpful to take advantage of these opportunities.

Tips: Make sure you have your credit card or checks to secure the services of the vendors you’d like to book. Also, if you speak with a vendor that you are interested in booking but do not do so at the show, make sure to put their business card in your purse NOT your swag bag. With all the information that you will receive, you don’t want a vendor that you really liked to get lost in the mix.

After the Wedding Show

Look through all the information that you received from the show. Make sure to contact those that you’d like to hire for your wedding and take advantage of any after show specials that vendors may follow up with!

Hope you can join us at the Florida Wedding Expo, Tuesday, October 1st.