What to Consider When Picking Your Wedding Date

The very first thing that you will have to do when it comes to making your Orlando wedding official is to set a date. There are several factors that will come into play for deciding this. Here is a list of what to consider when picking your wedding date.

Sentimental Dates

Maybe it’s your anniversary or when you had your first date, celebrating your vows on a date that means something for you as a couple is fairly common. However, it is important to book as soon as possible as popular dates book fast. If your heart is set on a specific date, you may need to be flexible with the venue and other vendors that you choose as they may already be booked.

Family Conflicts

Check the wedding date that you are thinking of booking with those that you want to be there the most, like parents, grandparents, close relatives and friends, to make sure that they will be able to attend. DO NOT check the date with your whole guest list. There is most likely going to be a conflict with someone and your going give yourself added stress trying to accommodate everyone.


Although it may seem like a good idea to have your wedding on a holiday, you know ’cause a lot of people already have work off, you may have less attendance. Holidays, whether religious or not, are special for a lot of people. Major holidays, like Christmas, Rosh Hashanah, or Thanksgiving, are usually steeped in tradition and your guests may not want to miss that. Even three-day holiday weekends can cause conflict, as many people plan vacations or want to relax for an extra day. Check the calendar for any floating holidays as well, such as Mother’s and Father’s Day, Memorial and Labor Day, before booking your date.

Time of Year

Every part of the country is different when it comes to wedding season (the term used to describe when a large number of couples get married in a certain area), which pretty much goes by when the weather is good. For Central Florida, our wedding season is mid-September to mid-November and mid-March to mid-May. Since this is a popular time for couples to get married in our area, venues and vendors tend to book up fast. What does that mean for you? If you are wanting to get married during this time, the sooner you book, the better!

On the flip side, if you aren’t wanting to get married during this time, you may have a better selection of venues and vendors. Even more of a bonus, venues and vendors sometimes run specials during the slower summer months, helping you save on your budget a little.

Day of the Week

It should come as no surprise that Saturday is the king of wedding days. Since this is such a popular day, Saturday tends to be the first to go when it comes availability, especially during wedding season. So if you are wanting a Saturday wedding, book as soon as possible. If you are flexible, other days can definitely offer a more budget friendly option. We are seeing more and more Friday evening and Sunday brunch weddings. Weekday weddings (Monday-Thursday) are becoming increasingly popular as well. Because it’s not a peak day, even more so if it’s not during wedding season, venues and vendors may offer incentives to fill their calendar.