What to Consider When Planning Your First Dance

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding; budget, photography, attire, venue, etc. One thing that tends to get overlooked is the first dance. Many couples decide to “wing it”. Instead of letting the magic of your special day stop with the “high school sway”, a choreographed first dance will create a beautiful moment for you and your soon to be spouse to share with your wedding guests. We asked Steph and Emi over at Serendipity Dance Studio to give us some insight on things to consider when planning your first dance.

When to Start

We recommend reaching out to us at least 4 to 5 months prior to your wedding. This will give you enough time to learn and practice a dance routine. Remember, this isn’t “Dancing with the Stars” and most people will need a few lessons just to get the hang of a basic box step!

Song Choice

Find a song that encapsulates your relationship and that you won’t get sick of. If it’s not on the radio, you can’t overhear it. If you like a particular artist, check out their lesser known songs. Put some thought into it because every time you hear this one song, you’ll get the butterflies all over again.

couple laughing during first dance
Photo: Leah Langley Photography

Creating a Dance

When creating a dance, we focus on style, tempo and length. The style of the song dictates what sort of dance, be it a swing, waltz, rumba, etc. The tempo is important because that dictates how fast (or slow) YOU move. As far as timing, we have the capability to edit in-house. Two to Three minutes is a solid amount of time for a first dance song. Remember that time will move slower when dancing in front of a crowd.

bride and groom smiling during their first dance
Photo: Leah Langley Photography

Dance Lessons

A couple’s dancing ability is what dictates the number and frequency of the lessons. Most of our couples come to us with little to no dance experience. Our instructors know how to teach the basics and lead into a full choreographed first dance.

A choreographed first dance can keep the magic flowing throughout your wedding. Committing to dance lessons is also a fun and great way to work together and try to release some stress from wedding planning. We absolutely love working with our wedding couples. Our goal is always to prepare a dance that represents you as a couple and to prepare you to dance it confidently.

We hope these tips helped you with what to think about when planning your first dance. If you have any questions or need help narrowing down your wedding song, Serendipity Dance Studio is here for you!

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