What to Include in Your Wedding Website

You may not be able to physically include all those that you love in your wedding planning process but you can certainly include them virtually! Having a wedding website gives you the chance to have a little piece of the internet devoted to your wedding that you can share with your guests throughout the process. Keeping them in the loop is now easier than ever but there are definitely certain things that you want to include on your wedding website.

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Don’t Forget the Basics

When guest go to your wedding website, you want to make sure that you include your basic information: your names, wedding date and time, location(s) of event. Also, be sure to include a contact number and or email. We suggest opening up a separate wedding related email. This will allow you to keep all your wedding related information together and organized.

Tell Your Story

Although guests may know the cliff notes story of where and when you met and got engaged, they may not know the whole story. This is your chance to tell it! Tell about how you met, when/where you had your first date, all the details about the proposal. Many couples decide to add special details into their wedding d├ęcor from their story. This is a great section of your wedding website to explain the meaning behind each of these to your guests.

Photo Gallery

You can also tell your story through photos. By including a photo gallery, you’ll be able to share your adventures as a couple through the years.

Wedding Party

You’ve selected each of your wedding party members for a reason. Give them a spotlight! Tell how you met, what you love about them, why you are so excited to have them in your wedding. Make sure to include a photo as well.

Registry Information

You should have sent it inside your invitations but it is also a good idea to include your wedding registry information on your wedding website. It makes it much easier as your guests are just one click away from getting you the wedding gifts you want.

How to RSVP

Letting guests know how/when to RSVP and making it easy for them to do so is very important. Online RSVPs are quick and easy for guests to tell you they will be there for the festivities. Although this is our favorite method, we don’t suggest this being the only method that you use. Older guests may not be comfortable using this and may opt for the tried and true snail mail.

Travel Info

This section is especially important for your out of town guest. Make sure to list all the information that they would need to make their travel decisions as smooth as possible.

Airports: Depending on where your guests are coming from, they may find a better fare through the Orlando or Sanford International Airport, so list both.

Hotel Accommodations: Greater Orlando has no shortage of hotels. However, you want to give your guests hotel suggestions that are going to be closest to all the wedding festivities. If you have secured special pricing with a hotel room block, provide that information here.

Getting Around: Greater Orlando is pretty spread out and there isn’t really great public transit like there would be in say New York City. If your guests didn’t rental a car, Uber and Lyft are going to be their best bet. Also, very important to note our traffic. If you are having your wedding in a high traffic area or during high traffic times, give your guests a heads up so they can plan their departure from their hotel accordingly.

What To Do Around Town: We are a tourist town. Most people come here for what we are know for, aka Disney, Universal, beaches. But just like with any city, it’s the locals that know the best spots. Share your favorite local spots to give out of town guests a different experience than the typical trip to Orlando.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every wedding is different, therefore every wedding has different “rules” to follow. Having them listed is the quickest way to make sure that your guests are all on the same page BEFORE your wedding day. Here are some of the questions to include:

– What is the dress code?
– Are children invited?
– Where should we park?
– Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?
– Can I bring a plus one?
– Do you have a wedding hashtag?