Getting Your Wedding Published

You probably spent a year or more planning your wedding. Now, just as everyone said it would, your wedding day flew by and you have the beautiful photos of a day that you will cherish! When you booked your wedding photographer, they most likely asked if you were ok with your wedding being published on a wedding blog or magazine.

You may have thought: Why? Below are just a few reasons for getting your wedding published.

Photo: Rudy and Marta Photography

Inspiring Other Couples

Whether it was Pinterest, wedding blogs, and/or bridal magazines, you probably used some type of inspirational avenue to get ideas for your wedding. Some of the inspiration that you found on these resources were real weddings. Having your wedding publish gives you the opportunity to “pay it forward” so to speak. All the beautiful details of your wedding can provide inspiration to other engaged couples that are where you were a year ago.

Sharing Your Wedding

Chances are that not everyone that you would have liked to be at your wedding was able to make it. Maybe, it was because they couldn’t travel or you had to cut the guest list down, but there will be people that you’d love to share your wedding day with. When you get your wedding album back from your wedding photographer, there will be thousands of images. THOUSANDS! If you send that gallery to your friends and family who couldn’t make the wedding, it may get overwhelming. Having your wedding published, allows for you to have a beautifully curated “best of” the day that you can send to those that missed it.

It Helps Your Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendors helped make your wedding day vision a reality. Along with the wonderful review that you will give them online, having your wedding published allows other engaged couples to see what amazing work that they do. This will then give them recognition as a great vendor to work with.

Ok, now your sold on why to get your wedding published, so how do you do it?

There are a ton of wedding blogs that cover so many styles and regions. Each one has different ways to send submissions and rules to follow. The best bet is to ask your wedding photographer for assistance. They will most likely know which blog is the best fit for your wedding. The blog will most likely contact your wedding photographer anyway if you submit to clear with them. If you have a certain blog in mind that you’d like to submit to, let them know. They may already have a relationship with that blog’s publisher.