Why Bridal Bouquets Cost What They Do

You’ve probably never purchased a wedding bouquet before. Therefore, you most likely have no clue why certain bouquets will cost what they do. There are many factors that determine the cost of a wedding bouquet. Below are the main ones.

Article by In Bloom Florist

Types of Flowers

Certain popular wedding flowers, like peonies and garden roses, are considered premium. This means that they are at a higher price point. Using a variety of flowers can not only be visually beautiful but can also be cost-effective. Your bouquet will most likely have a variety of premium flowers, while your bridesmaids’ bouquets will have more economical ones.

Time of the Year

Not every flower is available all year round. In fact, only a few types are. When you meet with your wedding florist, you will most likely have your wedding date set. Talk with them about what flowers you’d like. If needed, they can make suggestions of similar flowers that will be in season during the time of your wedding.

Photo: Christy Ofria Photography

Size and Style of Bouquet

There are a variety of bouquet styles that you can go with, from cascading, garden-style, traditional, compact, etc. The style of bouquet that you select, as well as the size, will determine the final price of your bouquet.

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