groom with arms in the air after being pronounced husband and wife

Why Hire a Wedding Planner? From Your Photographer’s Perspective

A wedding planner is your best friend on your wedding day. They are the type of people that will tell you when you have lipstick on your teeth. The hundreds of tiny, crisis-averting details that they handle over the course of their 12+ hour wedding day goes completely unnoticed. As photographers and fellow behind-the-sceners, we appreciate the heck out of Orlando wedding planners – and you will, too.

By: Toni Tillman of The Tillmans

bride and groom in front of rock wall for portraits after their wedding ceremony

You Deserve It

This one makes the top of the list because I think it is the most important. You have envisioned how this day will go down for months now – if not years. You have spent an unhealthy amount of time on Pinterest, and all of your friends have probably unfollowed you because your wedding pins have literally taken over their feed. You deserve to have your dreams of a perfect wedding become a reality as you sit back and watch.

They Know People

Wedding planners must keep their list of vendors in one of those massive, heavy binders. They know the one cake company who will grant your ridiculous floating cake request, they know where to rent confetti canons, they get the DJ’s with the non-dinky party lights. Chances are, they refer these people because they know them; they know the quality of their work is worth staking their own namesake, and their bank of vendors will definitely trump your google search.

Your Photographer will Thank You

Planners are not only your best friend during your wedding, they are also our best friend. They make sure that we are informed about what is going on and know when things will be happening, ensure that we have everything we need and get something to eat (that’s a biggie), they even help rally up family members during formals. Basically, they just make our job a thousand times easier.

groom with arms in the air after being pronounced husband and wife

One Word – Stress.

It is kind of amazing to see things happen from behind the scenes during a wedding. It’s a crazy dynamic to go from the relaxed, quiet bridal suite where the princess for a day is basically being fanned and fed grapes off of the vine – to go to the reception/ceremony area where it is organized chaos. People are literally running around. Everyone has a job to do and things are swiftly getting done. Witnessing a planner delegate tasks to 100 different vendors while holding their clipboard and maintaining a calming presence is a sight to behold, and it makes me wonder how it is even possible for weddings to happen without them.

The Small Things

As your photographer, we are not here just to take photos of you. We will help you with your bow tie or hold your flowers for you, we will bobby pin that one fly away, we will even hold your dress while you pee. We will do anything to help you stay as happy as possible on your big day. While of course, we don’t mind taking care of these small things that might pop up during the day, when there is no planner, these little tasks are multiplied by ten. We end up handling bigger tasks like checking to see that the floral pieces made it to the right tables, or making sure Uncle Ed isn’t seated next to his ex-wife during the reception.

So You Can be Present

When you think back to your wedding day, you want to remember the moments that you had and the memories that you made. I know it’s super cheesy to say, but it really should be the happiest day of your lives. Your planner will take care of everything behind the scenes so that all that you simply don’t have to. Be present, experience every fleeting moment, and take it all in – it is the beginning of the rest of your married life together.

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