Why You Should Hire a Pro Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

There is a good chance you’ve never hired a professional hair and makeup artist before your wedding and might not know where to start. We asked five professional Central Florida hair and makeup artists why it’s important to go pro when creating your wedding day look and what you should look for when doing so.

“Your pro hair and makeup artist will understand the value of cleanliness and sanitation! Your artists should not be using the same brush on every face. Skin has its own oils and bacteria that you don’t want mingling with others. We sanitize our makeup and brushes after every client. We also have multiple combs and clips for hairstyling.”

Amanda Wolf Mabry
Bella con Stile Beauty

“A professional makeup artist should be able to show you a portfolio of work that shows a variety of skin tones. They should be able to show clients and not just examples of makeup they’ve done on themselves. A makeup enthusiast is great at their own makeup, a makeup artist earns their living by doing other people’s makeup.”

Tatiana Rivera
Gabriella Anthoney’s Design Artistry

“A pro will be a pro in all aspects of their business, from cleanliness to proper licensing. In fact, many venues will not allow an uninsured artist on property. Once you have picked your artists, you should receive a contract and the retainer info to secure your date. A wedding pro can book up to a year out, so make sure not to wait to book their services.”

Brittney Boscana
Brie & Brie

“A professional hair and makeup artist understands the effects of lighting and weather on hair and makeup. They are going to apply products to your hair and skin that will ensure your look holds up through the demands of your wedding day.”

Jasmine Doublette
Jazz It Up Artistry

“As pros, we know how to make a realistic timeline and more often than not we have worked with your wedding vendor team. We’ll be in contact with them making sure we have you and your wedding party ready at the appropriate time. We understand wedding day logistics, scheduling and the longevity of hair and makeup looks. Read our reviews, they should confirm this!”

Simone Rosas
Makeover Station

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