Why You Should Print Your Wedding Images

We live in such a digital world, which means that most of the photos that we take are usually stuck on a smartphone or on a computer. Unfortunately, this often is the case with wedding photos. We have recently seen a little bit of an uptick in couples wanting to print their images, which we love! In this episode, we’re talking about why you should consider printing your wedding images with Marjorie and Nick Durante of Sofia’s Art Photo.

Special Keepsake for Current and Future Generations

The truth is, there is nothing like holding a wedding album and reminiscing about your special day. When your wedding guests come over or as your family grows, it becomes a conversation piece. Nick says, “We tell people that the digitals are for Facebook, but the albums are for you and your mom to sit on the couch and flip through and remember those moments. It’s more relaxed and deliberate way, and there’s something very visceral and very, very emotional about having pages to turn and pausing on the page. Now we always say, your grandmother doesn’t want to swipe right to look at your wedding photos.”

Technology Changes

Thinking from a very practical point of view, technology changes. If you have the photos just in a certain specific way, they might know last forever in that particular way. For example, the CDs that may no work on your computer and there are a specific amount of years that those CDs are gonna work anyway. Maybe you have a USB but that could stop working as well. You’re not gonna be able to reach your digital photos. However, if those pictures are printed on quality material in a quality photo album, they are going to last for a very long time.

Gives You a Curated Look of Your Whole Wedding Day

When you get your wedding gallery back from your Orlando wedding photographer, you are going to hundreds if not thousands of photos of your whole wedding day. This can be overwhelming and sometimes dilute the impact of the photos. Selecting your favorite photos throughout the whole wedding day and highlighting them in an album or hanging portraits on your wall will give you a much great feeling and impact that a full digital gallery.

What to Know if Printing Your Images

If you are looking to get a wedding album or print canvases for your home, make sure that you let you photographer know this prior to the wedding day. If your photographer knows this ahead of time, the day of your wedding they will have this in mind which will help how they compose your photos and the shots that they get. This is important because photos in a camera aren’t the same dimensions as standard printed images. Knowing your intentions with your photos prior allows for your photographer to make these adjustments.

About Sophia’s Art Photo
Marjorie and Nick Durante are a husband and wife team of Sofia’s Art Photo. Marjorie loves helping brides to feel relaxed about their wedding day by working closely with them on their wedding timelines and learning as much as possible about their desires for their big day. Nick strongly believes that those memories have to be printed so that they can last forever.

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