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    I love capturing the energy and emotions of a couple and their families. Preserving your once in a lifetime day through photography makes my heart smile. Your wedding is a unique story, which can be told again and again by capturing the details that most symbolizes your personalities. I want to connect with you so that I understand what you are excited about and to create a comfort level that allows me to capture you as you are and as a couple with memorable moments at your wedding celebration.

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    What inspired you to get into photography?

    I love photographing all things lovely and beautiful. Florida’s natural beauty started my journey into professional photography, which quickly evolved into shooting weddings. I truly enjoyed capturing the energy and emotions of the couple and their families.

    What do love most about working with couples?

    To me, the most treasured images are those that capture authentic emotions in a natural way. By getting to know each couple I work with, I can figure out what about their wedding day excites and scares them. Knowing these things helps me to make the couple feel comfortable and confident while I capture the love they share.

    What would you say your style is?

    My photography style is warm and inviting. I work to utilize natural light as much as possible. By allowing my couples to move into comfortable poses I can capture genuine and natural portraits. One of my favorite parts of the day is capturing the details, although often the schedule leaves a limited amount of time for those.

    What types of packages do you offer?

    We offer a verity of collections, our most popular being the wedding and engagements. The wedding collections start at $3,000 with Bumby and $2300 with one of her Associate photographer, The Crush Collection includes professionally processed final images, with access to printing rights via an online downloadable gallery.

    How far do you travel?

    In short, I’ll travel wherever my couples need me to go. Southern outdoors wedding is my favorite to shoot. I love the freedom of wide-open fields and the historic charm of old city streets. My two favorite cities to travel to are also two of the oldest cities in the southeast. The rustic and unique backgrounds available in St. Augustine, FL and Savannah, GA inspire fun and romantic portraits.

    What wedding planning advice would you give couples?

    My planning advice for couples is to have photography experience in mind while talking to their photographer. While getting to know my couples, I make sure to ask about their photography expectations for the wedding day. Doing this helps me create a detailed sample photography timeline of their day that accommodates their photography expectations.

    By working together, we can balance the time needed to capture their most important memories and the natural flow of the wedding festivities.  Capturing those moments takes a lot of planning, but with the magic of finding the perfect light, those images are worth it.

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