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    Andreia aka Andie, was born in Brazil and moved to USA in 2000. The passion for flowers, weddings and events has started back in 1996 – and it is stronger than ever. Education is her goal – she just passed the written and hands-on test to became a Certified Florida State Master Designer. Only 42 designers within the State of Florida has this recognition.

    And the journey had started – Certified Floral Designer is the CFD accreditation prior to the AIFD. 

    Andie’s biggest dream of testing for the American Institute of Floral Designer (AIFD) and become an Accredited Member, just took it place last year in Seattle, WA. That is where the National test took place.. 

    In July/2018, Andie was inducted into AIFD and became an official member. She is part of the Class of 2018, together with about 100 more floral designers, where the passion for what they do and for the education is what moves them to be the best that they can.

    Andie had her work featured in several blogs, magazines and online social media.

    For the past 3 years, she is part of the board of directors with Central Florida Wedding Association, as the Membership Director. 

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    How long have you been a florist?

    24 years

    What inspired you to do weddings?

    Started with everyday flowers, arrangements for any occasions – from Birthday Celebrations to Celebration of Live. It is a process. Being a florist and being able to create beautiful memories for a wedding, it is priceless. The couple will always have the memories of the beautiful flowers.. and for me, that is priceless!

    What suggestions would you give brides when deciding on their wedding flowers?

    Thanks to Pinterest – that I love –  my life is easier now. Lots of people are visual, and pictures help a lot. I will suggest if they ask – most of the time they already have done the homework and know exactly what they want. I would never interfere in a bride decision – it is up to me to create what she has envisioned.


    What services do you offer?

    We are one of not many that offer wedding flowers without a minimum. We will work with a $100 budget or $5k budget. As long as the Bride is happy, we are all happy. We offer personal flowers, rehearsal, ceremony and reception flowers, cake flowers and anything that involve flowers.

    Do you deliver and set up?

    Yes – we offer delivery and setup. There is a fee for that but the peace of mind that gives our couples is well worth it.

    What makes your services unique?

    Our customer service skills – we educate our clients and we will answer any questions. No hidden fees. Every single item has a price. We are flexible as long as they are too. I ha ve a goal for every month to attend a floral related class. And it is paying off. People now are looking for my services not only because I have “magic” in my hands, but most of them choose me because I am a Professional Florida State Master Designer. And I am very proud of my achievements.

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